Gülfidan, Kardelen and Can Streets Surface Asphalt Paved

Gülfidan, Kardelen and Can Streets Surface Asphalt Pavement: Afşin Municipality continued to work uninterruptedly, Gülfidan, Kardelen and Can made 2500 m surface asphalt pavement.
Afşin Mayor Mehmet Fatih Güven said about the subject and said: gel We have been continuing our activities uninterruptedly since the day we took office. In addition to our works in Yazdere, Esence and Ördek neighborhoods, we have done 2 bin 5 hundred meters long, 6.5 arm 4 arm street roads covered with asphalt in Gülfidan, Kardelen and Can streets. With the completion of these roads; We ensured that the only road connecting Mehmet Akif Street and Aşık Mahsuni Şerif Boulevard was paved and connected two streets. With the completion of Kardelen street roads, we have ensured that the household owners on the road are clean, decent and comfortable. Also, Kardelen was paved with the asphalting of the street and the shortest road to the Bakraç neighborhood. our way to the service of our citizens get better. ız

📩 24/11/2018 14:29

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