Shell Great Success in Turkey's Road Safety Study

Shell Turkey's Road Safety at Work Big Success: Shell, 13 5 with logistics companies and suppliers that provide services in November. She met at the Shell Road Safety Conference.
Shell Country Chairman in his opening remarks Turkey Ahmet Erdem Erdemir made "in road safety are getting better every year. Shell Turkey has made 81 million km journey without a road traffic accident will harm the environment and human life in the operation under its control. Any negative situation that will be eliminated by safety measures is not only a numerical data for us, but also the value we give to our people, our country. As Shell, we share our knowledge and experience in road safety with the projects we have realized in partnership with public institutions and we are working with all our strength to increase road safety awareness in our country. Shell
Having implemented many projects in order to reduce traffic accidents and accidents due to accidents, Shell continues to contribute to the society through social responsibility projects focused on road safety. 13 November 2014 attended the conference held in Istanbul. Shell Country Chairman of Shell Turkey, Ahmet Erdem followed his opening speech, Director General of the Global Road Safety Linda Philips also made a short speech. Philips "Turkey is a country with a particularly high risk of accidents caused by driver behavior. I attended trainings on road safety for Shell drivers in your country where I spent my last 1 week; I was very impressed by the simulations and other works. It is very important for us that our drivers arrive safely home every evening. For this reason, we support all works done for this purpose. Bu
In addition to the panel where logistics companies and suppliers shared their practices with Shell and their gains from these applications, topics such as interactive car accident analysis and driving anger management were discussed. Speaking after the conference Shell Country Chairman Ahmet Erdem Turkey; Sahip Road Safety is of great importance for Shell. With our 'Global Road Safety' project, which is an important part of our sustainability strategy, we aim to ensure that our employees, suppliers and the logistics companies of our service providers travel safely, and to raise awareness in the communities in which we operate. For example, we have provided 10 road safety training in the last three years by supporting the World Health Organization's '97.000 Year of Action at Road Safety' program and the National Traffic Safety Platform. Shell Turkey has made 81 million km journey without a road traffic accident will harm the environment and human life in the operation under its control. This is really important. The Shell Road Safety Conference, organized for the fifth time this year, is one of the most important activities we have carried out in order to increase public awareness on road safety. As Shell, we will continue to contribute to the society with our social responsibility projects focused on road safety Shell.

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