Çandır District with Bridge wants to connect to Dalyana

📩 24/12/2018 16:49

Çandır District with the Bridge to connect to Dalyana wants to connect: Muğla's Köyceğiz District of the center of the 45 Çandır District residents meet all kinds of needs to meet the needs of the bridge in the town of Dalyan Ortaca'ın wants to connect.
Located on the opposite bank of the Dalyan channel in the 50 meter, Çandır District is located at a distance of 45 to Köyceğiz. 30 After the municipality elections in Muğla as the big city Village status is removed and the neighborhood of the 320 population of the population is not a pharmacy, grocery, bakery, butchers. Fire in the fire brigade, health problem in an hour from the village ambulance Çandır can reach.
Since there is no grocery store in the neighborhood, they have to go to the shore even to take the bread and that they spend 3 pounds including one way to go for a bread and 64 boat captain Ismet Yildirim dık We will send the signatures to the relevant authorities. As the ambulance could not be reached, there were fatal cases. Our children are experiencing great difficulties in going to school with storms and boats in rainy weather. Because the ancient city of Kaunos is also within the borders of the neighborhood, 400 people ride when it comes to 4 people to cross foreign tourists coming to Dalyan. Tına
16 years in the village of Çandır General Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Hasan Acar said, olarak As a physician, human life is important for me. I've seen many things here. Çandır is the nearest health center 1 hours away, so in case of emergency, the ambulance will take an 2 hour. However, the critical time in first aid is 3 minutes. At least one pedestrian bridge must be built here. We have lost lives and suffered from injuries due to being late. We also learned that the General Directorate of Environment was approved for bridge construction months ago. For this reason, we ask that more people be put into practice in order not to take their lives. Bu
The Mayor of Köyceğiz AK Party member Kamil Ceylan stated that they did not receive any information about the issue and expressed that the people were right in their demands. AK Party Muğla Deputy Ali Boğa stated that there is no project related to the bridge and he will follow the issue for budget preparation.

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