Burdur-Karamanlı-Tefenni-Çavdır Highway Tender Process Begins

Burdur-Karamanlı-Tefenni-Çavdır Highway Tender Process Begins: AK Party Karamanlı District President Mehmet Ayan, Burdur Karamanlı Tefenni Çavdır to start the tender process of the two-lane road began.
Akan Karamanlı District Chairman Mehmet Ayan, Burdur-Karamanlı-Tefenni-Çavdır between the two-lane road to the tender process began.
Ayan, in his written statement, the road will be up to the district of Muğla's Fethiye Burdur, Turkey will be held in the district in the province he said would be the first double-lane road.
By the General Directorate of Highways, Burdur-Karamanlı-Tefenni-Çavdır highway 15-91. Stating that the tender announcement for the construction of the 76-kilometer road between kilometers will take place this week, Ayan said, "Burdur-Karamanlı-Tefenni-Çavdır divided road will have the feature of bituminous hot mixture".
Ayan said that the road will make a significant contribution to the Burdur economy and tourism.

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