Everyone about the Sefaköy Bridge collapsed a year ago

Everyone about the Sefaköy Bridge collapsed a year ago and threw the ball to each other: Within the scope of the Ayamama Creek breeding work, the Sefaköy Bridge collapsed in September last year. IMM announced that the bridge will be rebuilt within 4 months. Despite the 1 years passed, the responses from the bridge were not confused. IMM said Kar Highways will make the bridge İ. Highways, "We will not ISKI," he said, while ISKI "We will not IMM" response came. Due to the fact that the bridge in question is not made, the 200-meter road takes 2 hours.
The bridge, which is the subject of the correspondence between the institutions for months, is located in Küçükçekmece Tevfikbey neighborhood.

Sefaköy Bridge was demolished within the scope of these studies. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality announces the demolition decision on its website. Sefaköy Bridge will be rebuilt according to the stream band after the breeding work. 20 September 12 The study, which starts on Sunday, is expected to be completed in four months. An alternative traffic route was created in order to prevent traffic interruption during the works Çalış.

After months of this statement, the local resident named MO contacted the relevant institutions to investigate why the bridge was not built. In the last July, the MO asked the IMM for the fate of the bridge. IMM N The subject contained in your application is not in the area of ​​authority and responsibility of IMM. The regional directorates were sent to bol1@kgm.gov.tr ​​e-mail address. It is possible to contact the authorities of the interested institutions for tracking your application on 01 0212 312 17 için. Highways reported that the owner of the business ISKI. The MO applied to ISKI this time.

ISKI said kö Before the Sefaköy Bridge was renewed for renewal, alternative bridges were built for vehicles and pedestrians. These alternative bridges are active. The reconstruction of Sefaköy Bridge after it was demolished could not be completed in the planned period. The Board of Directors of our Administration decided to terminate the work subject to the tender. Remaining works will be completed within the scope of the ongoing works of our Administration and the other IMM. Construction of Sefaköy Bridge will be constructed by IMM Sef
MO, pointing out that the need for a bridge with the opening of schools and more, ederek 200-1-2 time can sometimes be taken at the XNUMX-XNUMX hour. Nobody says 'we are the addressee'. Kimse

Information about the bridge was made on the IMM's site a year ago.

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