High Speed ​​Train

High Speed ​​Train will come to Haydarpaşa: Yeni Şafak Newspaper Sunday Attachment received information about High Speed ​​Train from TCDD 1st Regional Manager Hasan Gedikli.

Hasan Gedikli, Edirne, Tekirdag, Kirklareli, Istanbul, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Bursa, Bilecik, Eskisehir (up to Enveriye station) is responsible for the Şimendifer and lines. High-speed train in the construction of the Eskişehir region of Istanbul and his team are involved.

What they experienced during the High Speed ​​Train line construction process, 'Gebze Köseköy is a 100-year-old line. Electricity has passed from the bottom, water has passed, telephone, natural gas has passed. There are also unfamiliar lines. We had a lot of difficulty in those areas. We brought them up to high speed train standards. If it's one meter down, we lowered it 2 meters down. We removed some of them. Hasan Gedikli explains that it was completely rebuilt together with the road infrastructure. During the construction of the line, besides these problems, geographical problems and of course the man factor came into play. Hasan Gedikli said, 'We were always doing the contracts, the citizens were removing them to cross. We took precautions for them. We built underpasses and overpasses. They have to walk 50 meters 100 meters and pass through there. We closed the level crossings. We took permanent patrols from our own teams. The gendarmerie, police and trust forces also went on patrol. Because there was too much theft in both catenary and signaling. There were even those who were hit by electricity while stealing. These delayed our work. Many thieves were caught but released from the prosecutor's office. Serious sanctions should be applied 'he says.

Regional manager Hasan Gedikli states that the high-speed train opened the horizon of the employees of the establishment, and that TCDD has now got rid of the bulky structure. Confusingly, he says, 'Old employees like me are trying to keep up with the high-speed train.' At jiffy Turkey's Warrant explaining that if construction of railway- lines all around, 'Date stations were restored. New stations were built in some places. Some of them are still under construction. Capital city Ankara Sivas, Sivas Erzincan, Capital Ankara Izmir, Konya Karaman line constructions continue. 65 percent of Turkey when finished will have benefited from the high-speed train. We have renewed 100 years of roads on the Thrace side. For these roads, our General Manager Süleyman Karaman says, "Even when the train is stopped, it is off the road." We renew the old lines (inside the outline and station roads) by making the sub-building and electrification and signalization. We will operate in UIC standards. It is our duty to ensure that the passenger and the cargo reach the desired place safely and on time '.

Fast train will pass through Marmaray

Gebze-Halkalı is currently an 3. The line is also made for freight trains. Thus, passenger trains and freight trains will be provided to travel on separate lines.

Other conventional trains (main lines) will start later. Their work continues.

The High Speed ​​Train will extend from Pendik to Haydarpaşa. Hasan Gedikli, 'Freight trains will pass from Marmaray between 00.00:05.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX in the morning.

High Speed ​​Train is arranged according to suburban hours and passes through Marmaray. Halkalıwill go to. Some trains will stay in Haydarpaşa, some Halkalıwill move to. That pseudonym HalkalıA garage is being built for the High Speed ​​Train in It will be finished in 2015.

It comes to mind that bus companies will be detrimental to this issue, but Hasan Gedikli says that they have not received any reaction on this issue and adds, 'They will also benefit. We will take it from center to center. They will provide the next transport. '

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