The tender for the Antalya EXPO rail line will be announced next month.

The tender for the Antalya EXPO rail system line next month: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel quickly entered August. He said that the zoning process was completed.

Mayor Türel said that Antalya does not have the luxury of losing time. Noting that the news of three important developments came from Ankara in August, President Türel said, “These are the developments we have been aware of in three days in a row, coming to Antalya. "Developments in a few days," he said.

The first of the developments mentioned by President Türel was the approval of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for the launch of the Meydan- Airport- Aksu EXPO area line, which will add another 11.5 kilometers to the rail system line, which is 16 kilometers in Antalya. Menderes Türel said that he had met with Prime Minister Erdogan three times after 30 March for approval.

Türel, who said that the first of the negotiations to get the approval given by Prime Minister Erdogan on Friday, August 1, by saying "Start the studies", was held when the mayor was elected, "I knocked on the door of Mr. Prime Minister. 'We have preliminary studies ready. "The EXPOs are a good opportunity to leave permanent artifacts to the cities." Türel, who noted that the light rail system line, just like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, wanted to be a work of EXPO in Antalya at the first meeting, said that they brought the issue to the agenda once again with Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Mehdi Eker. told.

On that occasion, Türel expressed the following on the subject:

“If you order instructions, let's get this project in Antalya. I request this from you on behalf of Antalya people, 'I said. As Metropolitan Municipality, we stated that we will put our hands on the stone, as in every project. The average cost of the project is approximately 200 trillion. We even brought a proposal to buy the wagons to work. We did not say that the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications should do everything. One of these wagons varies between 2 and 3 million Euros depending on their features. ”


At the second meeting, Prime Minister Erdogan's attitude towards the project said, “I will meet with the Minister. Let them take their opinion as well. ”The issue came to the fore again before the rally held in Antalya on July 12 within the framework of Prime Minister Erdogan's candidacy for the third time. This time, Menderes Türel, who is also with the Minister of EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, said, “We translated from the right and left wing, 'If you give the gospel of the rail system at the rally. I have met, waiting for a single instruction, 'I said. But I did not get a response, "he said.

Pointing out that Prime Minister Erdogan's work systematic is based on analyzing everything to the finest detail and making such a decision, Türel said, “After the rally, we asked him to speak to the Minister of Transport at the Antalya Governorship just before the iftar and said, 'We will finish this job while coming'. "Do not worry, I will meet when I get back," he said, "he said.

The word of Prime Minister Erdogan's words "When I return" came on Friday, August 1. Prime Minister Erdogan, while ordering the work to start, Mayor Menderes Türel said that the next day, the Metropolitan and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications teams had a meeting in Istanbul. President Türel said, “On 23 April 2016, this rail system line will also be asked to our people, and if it approves, I hope it will be put into service. Feasibility and tender-based preliminary studies are carried out. After the completion of the necessary permissions in one month, the tender will be released. ”

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