20 Denizli

Bozdağ Ski Center Works Very Fast

Work in Bozdağ Ski Center is Very Fast: As the technical equipment in Bozdağ Ski Center in the Nikfer district of Tavas, where there is an intense effort to open to ski tourism this winter, the center takes shape. In order for Denizli to host ski tourism, Tavas [more…]


Southeastern Bosphorus Bridge

Southeast reaches the Bosphorus Bridge: The Nissibi Bridge between Şanlıurfa and Adıyaman, known as the "Bosphorus Bridge" of the Southeast Region, is planned to be opened at the end of the year. The Nissibi Bridge between Şanlıurfa and Adıyaman, which is described as the "Bosphorus Bridge" of the Southeastern Anatolia Region, is planned to be put into service at the end of the year. [more…]


Beams of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge are being completed

The beams of the Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge are being completed: Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the third connection point of Europe and Asia, is rising rapidly. The towers, where permanent beams are completed, will reach a final height of 322 meters in October. On the northern side of the Bosphorus facing the Black Sea [more…]


The longest stone bridge in the world

Uzunköprü, the longest stone bridge in the world, is being repaired: One of the longest stone bridges in the world, which gives its name to the town of Uzunköprü in Edirne, is being taken into delicate. II. The bridge, which started to be built during the Murat period, was built in 16 after 1443 years of work [more…]

20 Egypt

The explosion in the train

Train explosion in Cairo: It was reported that 2 people were injured in an explosion on a passenger train traveling in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. According to the information obtained from the police sources, as a result of the explosion of a handmade bomb on the passenger train while passing through El-Matariyye District 2 [more…]


FIATA World Congress will bring the logistics world together in Istanbul

FIATA World Congress will bring the logistics world together in Istanbul: The "Journey of Bill of Lading" exhibition to be held within the scope of the congress will feature bills of lading from different countries and languages ​​from the 18th century to the present day. International Federation of Transport Organizers Associations (FIATA) will be held in Istanbul 2014 [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Study on 9 Street in Kichikoy

Asphalt Work in 9 Streets in Kiçiköy: The teams of Talas Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs renewed the asphalt in 9 streets in Kiçiköy District. Next to Talas Kiçiköy Mahallesi Ali Saip Paşa Street, Dirmit, Ulus, Stad, Return, Say, Dirmit 1, 6160 and [more…]

Asphalt News

Aksekide asphalt pavement works started

Asphalt pavement works started in Akseki: Teams affiliated to the 13th Regional Directorate of Highways started asphalt works in Akseki. According to the information obtained by the AA reporter, within the framework of the work that will take about 45 days, 50 between Yarpuz District and Manavgat are on the Akseki-İbradı highway. [more…]

Asphalt News

Musk paving works in progress

Muşta asphalting works continue: Mus Municipality, street and street asphalt continues its work. Muş Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, who continue their activities in different regions of the city, are located in the district of Muratpaşa Caddesi Lale in the Hürriyet District. [more…]

Asphalt News

Works on Asphalt Roley Tank in Karate

Works Accelerated with the Asphalt Roley Tank in Karatay: Konya's central Karatay District Municipality, which continues its asphalt works in the villages connected as neighborhoods with the municipal law numbered 6360, entered a fast pace of work and bought the newly purchased Asphalt Roley Tank and the tow truck. [more…]


Highway in Mexico

In Mexico, the highway was split: a crack formed in the northwest of Mexico eight meters deep, about a kilometer long. Sky News published the news. The road from Hermosillo to the sea was split in half by a five-meter wide crack. According to the information received, [more…]

Asphalt News

Group in Akyazı and Village Roads are paved

Akyazı Group and Village Roads Are Asphalted: The teams affiliated to Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs have paved the 11-kilometer route in Akyazı. Head of the Science Department Ali Oktar stated that they continue asphalt works. - Sakarya [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Study in Kütahyada Completed

Kütahyada Asphalt Work Completed: It has been reported that the 3st floor asphalt works of the 1-kilometer road between the Pazarlar district of Kütahya and Kuplüce of Simav district have been completed. Bazaars Provincial Council Member Celal Çelik, 3 kilometers between our district and Küplüce village [more…]

Intercity Railways

Nafi Güral: Increasing Highway Costs

Nafi Gural: Highway Costs are Increasing Solution Rail. Kütahya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KUTSO) President Nafi Gural, freight transport in the Aegean region, generally increased the costs of the road is said to increase. Review of the establishment law of development agencies [more…]

06 Ankara

Is Ankara-Istanbul YHT Project Far from Scientific?

The Ankara-Istanbul YHT Project is far from scientific: In our article titled M Science rebelled X in the 17.8.2014 issue of the Sakarya newspaper; Hüseyin Alan, Chairman of the Board of Geophysical Engineers, is involved in the evaluation of the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train project [more…]