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High Speed ​​Train tickets from Izmit

It is very difficult to find a High Speed ​​Train ticket from Izmit: The one-week “Free Travel” period has ended in the High Speed ​​Train on the Istanbul-Ankara line. High Speed ​​Train will carry passengers with the fare schedule determined from today. from İZMIT [more…]

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Balçova cable car is attached to the pole

Balçova Cable Car was attached to the pole: It was announced that the construction of the ropeway facilities, one of the projects of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which turned into a snake story, would be completed on April 30. However, the stage that will be put into service, not the facilities that were closed 7 years ago [more…]


Private rail companies will also be established

Private railway companies will also be established: Accordingly, not only the state but also private companies will be able to operate the railways in freight and passenger transportation. Thus, by moving the competitive environment on the roads and airlines to the railways, [more…]


Great danger in the high-speed train line

Great danger on the high-speed train line: We traveled with the neighborhood headman Mustafa Yaman, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of İzmit, whose population exceeds one thousand 7, and we saw what was being done and the people of the neighborhood. [more…]

TCDD computerized ticket sales point
06 Ankara

Ankara Istanbul YHT Tickets Sudan

Ankara Istanbul YHT tickets are cheaper than water: Affordable tickets on the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) line are on sale for 35 liras. In Ankara-Istanbul YHT, discounted tickets were applied, as in planes. Cheap tickets 35 [more…]

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Incentive problem in Izmir, metro and tram lines

Incentive problem in İzmir, metro and tram lines: We seem not to dwell enough on the points we should see in İzmir, which is drowning in artificial agendas. The priority agenda of the city is unemployment and it should draw the development of the industry in this direction. [more…]

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Women do not fit in pink vagina

Women do not fit in the pink wagon: Both inside and the stops are very crowded, especially during the hours of work and exit. You can not get into the vehicle from the stops, the ride can not get down. Breathing inside [more…]