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Asphalt works in Şarkışla

Asphalt works in Şarkışla: Şarkılşa Municipality started asphalt works on some streets. Municipal teams made asphalt work on the damaged places on Cumhuriyet Street due to natural gas connection works. Mayor Ahmet Turgay Oğuz, who examined the works on site, was busy on the roads in the district. [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt work continues in Konyaalti

Asphalt work continues in Konyaalti: Konyaalti is the first district in Antalya where the natural gas infrastructure is fully completed, while the roads that deteriorate as a result of the works to spread the electricity lines underground and the super-fast internet network are being renewed by Konyaalti Municipality. Konyaalti Municipality [more…]

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Asphalt works in Uğurlu, Üzümlü and Mahmutlar

Asphalt work in Uğurlu, Üzümlü and Mahmutlar: The teams of Alanya Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs continue their road construction and asphalt works in the framework of the planned program in Karakız, Olukbaşı and Kocadam district of Uğurlu neighborhood and on the prison road in Mahmutlar Neighborhood. Auspicious [more…]

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Asphalt road request in Karapınar

Asphalt road request in Karapınar: The residents of Yeşilyurt and Fatih Neighborhoods in Karapınar want the 2-kilometer road to be asphalted within the boundaries of the neighborhood. Citizens made a request for the asphalting of the stabilized road belonging to the 3rd Regional Directorate of Highways. Fatih District Headman [more…]

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19 Waiting For Asphalt For Years

They have been waiting for asphalt for 19 years: Tradesmen behind Meydan District Carsi Police Station, Dr. He called on the authorities to asphal the Yusuf Azizoğlu Street. The road, which was built 19 years ago, has not been repaired until today, because of the potholes on the road, especially the ladies have fallen. [more…]

Asphalt News

Yatağan-Kavaklıdere Highway Drivers

Yatağan-Kavaklıdere Highway Drivers Are Unhappy: The road construction, widening and asphalting works between Muğla's Yatağan and Kavaklıdere districts harassed the drivers. The ongoing works between Yatağan and Kavaklıdere caused the reaction of the drivers. Long between two districts [more…]


Memikhan Bridge 150 used years ago

The Memikhan bridge was used 150 years ago: The Memikan bridge on the Garzan stream, whose restoration work was completed because it would remain under the Ilısu dam lake, was the most important route of the region, which was open to access until 150 years ago. In the region in 1865 [more…]


President Ergün den Salihliye Bridge Gospel

Good News of the Salihliye Bridge from Mayor Ergün: The Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Cengiz Ergün has announced two new bridge projects to the people of Salihli by taking the two bridges in Salihli into an emergency investment plan. A county every week [more…]


Repair work on the ring road in Malatya infuriated drivers

The repairs carried out on the ring road in Malatya enraged the drivers: The vehicle traffic caused by the maintenance and repair work started on the underpass on the Ring Road Turgut Özal Boulevard in Malatya enraged the drivers. Malatya-Elazig Ring Road at the underpasses on Turgut Özal Boulevard by highways teams [more…]

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Kirklar Street is being paved

Kırklar Street is being asphalted: Erzincan Municipality continues its asphalt coating and repair works on Kırklar Street, which it conducts throughout the city. The teams affiliated to the Directorate of Technical Affairs, while laying hot asphalt on the one hand, on the other hand, pavement and key parquet [more…]

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Selimiye zero asphalt

Zero asphalt to the Selimiye neighborhood: Şehitkamil Municipality Science Department teams, who continue to work in order not to leave unpaved and bad roads throughout the district, after the pavement renewal, keystone laying, road arrangement and intersection arrangement works in Selimiye District, [more…]

TCDD Applies to Privatization Administration for Haydarpaşa Port
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What happens to Haydarpaşa?

What will happen to Haydarpaşa: For years, Haydarpaşa has been the name of Anatolia's gateway to Europe and people's hope. It has hosted unforgettable scenes of Yeşilçam movies. It was engraved in everyone's mind with the phrase "I will beat you Istanbul". Today, he is waiting for the answer of how his future will be. [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Work from Ipekyolu Municipality

Asphalt Work from İpekyolu Municipality: İpekyolu Municipality of Van gave its asphalt start after its long-term stabilization and road expansion works. İpekyolu Municipality started the first asphalt work with the opening it organized in Hacibekir Mahallesi Selvihan Sokak. DBP Silk Road to the Opening [more…]


Traffic Penalty Inquiry and Payment 2014

Traffic Ticket Inquiry and Payment 2014: You can now easily pay your traffic penalty debts over the internet. While you can inquire about your traffic debts through the Revenue Administration, you can also pay the debts and fines of HGS and OGS fines on the Internet. [more…]


Pavement Works Continue in Ulus district of Bartın

Pavement Works Continues in Ulus district of Bartın: Pavement works continue in the neighborhoods of Ring Road, Yeşilvadi and Çınarkent by municipal teams in Bartın's Ulus district. The construction process of pavements that were not connected before in the area where there is a population density in Ulus district [more…]


Disabled roads are being made at the junction

Handicapped roads are being made to the junctions at the junction: It is reported that disabled roads are built at the intersections on the ring road in the district of Sandıklı of Afyonkarahisar. Roads passing through the Sandıklı route by the highways teams, disabled roads were constructed for the intersections and disabled road construction works. [more…]


Van OSB logistics city has reached the train tracks

Train rails were laid Van OSB logistics reached the city: Upon the laying of the train tracks, a logistics city was established within the Van Organized Industrial Zone campus. By the officials of the State Railways (DDY) as a result of the applications made by the Board of Directors of Van Organized Industrial Zone, [more…]

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New Metro Ring Lines of Ankar

Here are the new Metro Ring Lines of Ankara: Sincan and Çayyolu metro lines on the route of the bus, 23 will be directed to the metro from August to August. With the new regulation, the traffic density at the Ulus-Kızılay-Ministries and Eskişehir Highway will be greatly improved. [more…]


Narrow Curves Become History

Narrow Curves Become History: After Mayor Yavaş visited Öner Özgür, 14th Regional Director of Highways in his office and brought the road problem to the agenda, the activity started in the 3 km area between Yolcupınar Neighborhood and Hacı Hasan Fountain. [more…]

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Ayaş Tunnel to be used in suburban transportation

Ayaş tunnel will be used in suburban transportation: Ayaş Mayor Bülent Taşan said about Ayaş Tunnel and old railway line: “Our negotiations are positive. We will use the idle railroad for freight and suburban train services, ”he said. Overflowing, said in a statement, the new fast [more…]

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Beams of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge are being completed

The beams of the Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge are being completed: Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the third connection point of Europe and Asia, is rising rapidly. The towers, where permanent beams are completed, will reach a final height of 322 meters in October. On the northern side of the Bosphorus facing the Black Sea [more…]

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Young Explorers Train Starts Journey

Young Explorers Train Starts Journey: The Young Explorers Train, which is realized with the cooperation of Ministry of Youth and Sports and TCDD and aims to enable young people to see the historical values ​​and natural beauties of the countries in the Ottoman Empire by using railway. [more…]

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Bridge Cafe to Izmit Train Station

Köprü Café to İzmit Train Station: The High Speed ​​Train (YHT), which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on July 25 and started ticket sales and regular flights on August 4, Izmit residents started to show interest. Ticket prices in the first days [more…]