Malatya Provincial Municipality 2 Trambüs Brought

Malatya Municipality bã¼yã¼kåÿeh 2 trambã¼s Brought Malatya Municipality bã¼yã¼kåÿeh, Ayehu on the Windows XP to the Windows XP system ulaåÿä In the 2 ± m kullanacaäÿä ± Trambus Trambus brought otobã¼sã¼nã¼ pieces. The introduced 2 trambus was exhibited on the secondary road next to the public road at the State Hospital. In the first stage, [more…]


Gaziantepe high-speed train

Gincantepe high-speed train gospel: Prime Minister Erdogan, Democracy Square, Gaziantep, the public addressed the rally. Konya-Karaman high-speed train line is under construction. This high-speed train line follows Karaman, Ulukisla, Mersin, Adana, Osmaniye [more…]


Tram Lines in Eskişehir

Tram lines in Eskisehir are expanding: Camlica-SSK, Batıkent-SSK lines began to carry passenger tram services. During the day (yesterday) on the lines, trams started to carry passengers by 13.00. During the test journey, tram trips are free of charge. [more…]


Tram for sale by owner

RENT A tram: Turkey's largest e-commerce platform from being sold through sahibinden.co I "Nostalgic Tram" means the category is classified among the most coveted. The electric tram 16 bin 500 produced by inspiring from the historical trams [more…]


Syrian Plate Vehicles Supervised

Syrian Plate Vehicles Supervised: Police teams in Kahramanmaras, Syria has increased control over vehicles with plates. Traffic Inspection Branch Office teams of the Police Department of Kahramanmaras, which forms the point of application at the Gaziantep Highway Industry junction upon complaints about the Police Department, Syria [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Works in Inegol

Asphalt Works in İnegöl: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has started work on the construction of the lower and upper buildings in İnegöl. In cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality and İnegöl Municipality, the asphalt works on the 5.5 Kilometer road between İnegöl and the Surgeon continue. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

39 Kırklareli

Kırklareline 7.000 tone Hot Asphalt Disposal

Kırklareline 7.000 tone Hot Asphalt Disposal: Mayor Mehmet Siyam Kesimoğlu, who has identified the deficiencies in his meetings with citizens and neighborhood muhtars since the day he took office, and gave instructions for the necessary works, said Mayor Mehmet Siyam Kesimoğlu, paving in Kırklareli. [more…]

Asphalt News

Paving Works in Kartepe Municipality

Paving in Kartepe Municipality Continues: Kartepe Municipality continues to pave the roads of the neighborhoods within the scope of modern municipalization improvement works. Kartepe Municipality, on the way to a new Kartepe, to bring all the richness of the district [more…]