President Carer Didn't Investigate Asphalt Renovation at Site

President Bakıcı did not examine the asphalt renovations on site: Bozüyük Mayor Fatih Bakıcı did not inspect the asphalt renovation works started in Yediler neighborhood.
Together with the Deputy Mayor Ali Avcıoğlu and the officials of the Directorate of Science Affairs, the Minister Bakıcı received information about the situation of the road and the works carried out. Noting the importance of the roads which are the vital vessels of transportation, President Bakıcı said: ın We strive to meet the needs of our citizens and improve the quality of life. For this reason, we continue to work on improving our roads, raising the standard and increasing the comfort of our roads. Bu
Yediler Mahallesi In the asphalt renewal works initiated in İçköy area, the roads are scraped off with the old asphalt milling machine. After the completion of the cleaning work, the road will be paved with hot asphalt and will be opened to traffic in a safer and more smooth manner and made available to citizens.

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