President Carer visits TCDD Deputy Regional Director Korkmaza

From the carer, TCDD Deputy Regional Director Korkmaza visits: Bozüyük Mayor Fatih Bakıcı closely follows the projects to be made to Bozüyük and conducts various visits to Regional Managers.

Lastly, the Mayor of the Municipality, Mr. Halil Korkmaz, Deputy Director of State Railways and Istanbul Foundations 1. Regional Director Mürsel visited Yellow. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Deputy Regional Director Halil Korkmaz authorities who visited the President Caregiver Bozüyük State Railways made conversation about the planned overpass projects. During the visit, Bozüyük was one of the most important projects for exchanging ideas about railway underpasses and overpasses. Saraycık, which is planned to be constructed by State Railways during his previous visits to the Regional Directorate of State Railways, will be carried out to the existing underpass of the Saraycık pass and the Yeşilkent level crossing near the former industrial and Yeşilkent level crossing overpasses and overpasses. as a crossing to the industrial junction.

Together with Deputy Mayor Hayrettin Eldemir, Istanbul Foundations 1. Mayor Mr. Mürsel Sarı visited the Regional Manager and exchanged views about Hal Project. The magnificent Hal Project will be applied to the region of the district center.

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