Chairman Carer, TCDD 1. Regional Director Akbaşı Visited

Mayor Bakıcı visited TCDD 1st Regional Manager Akbaş: Bozüyük Mayor Fatih Bakıcı visited TCDD 1st Regional Directorate and met with Regional Manager Metin Akbaş.

Mayor Fatih Bakıcı, State Railways 1. During his visit to the Regional Directorate, he met with the Regional Director Metin Akbaş about the underpasses and overpasses to be made to Bozüyük. On the map, the regions where lower and upper crossings will be built were also discussed during the meeting.

The lower and upper passageways which are planned to be built in Bozüyük; Yeşilkent level crossing, the Old Industry level crossing and the Saraycık Street level crossing is planned to be done.

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