Temporary workers working in TCDD want staff

temporary staff working in the Railway workers want: Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), working as a temporary employee workers, reacted arguing whether they have exited. Workers who demanded staff from the state asked for their labor. Dozens of workers in Tatvan iniMuş repairing the railway, Devlettin, TCDD employees working in seasonal workers said that should be given.

”The government 12 has not done anything for TCDD workers bir

Stating that they have been working as a season worker in railways since 1975, İzzet Açıkbaş said that the state ignored them by being insensitive to them. Reminding that they had been recruited as AFAD workers, Açıkbaş said, “We were hired before due to natural disasters on the 5 First Regional Railway. The number of workers was first 7 thousand people. Some of the workers were retired with age and some workers had to quit the job because 300 was 700 before the 60-XNUMX completed the day. Çalışan

Now working with 5 workers in the 980 region, Açıkbaş said: X As a result, these people have reached the age of 60. As for this age, he was fired by the workers. We are working the most 157 days a year. It is not enough to support our family to work so little time. We work in the most severe conditions. We know what is going on because we work in the region. 12 has not done anything for our retired brothers for years. Kardeş

”No one wants to hear our voice“

Acikbas, said: “Our rights have not been brought to the agenda. No one took care of us. Our request from the Prime Minister is that we bring our problems to the agenda at the board meetings. This is the return of the forehead of the working people. This should allow the workers to work continuously. They also give our brothers a chance to be victimized by giving up. Mağ The staff expressed their demands.

“We are working in the most difficult conditions“

Abdülbari Al, Bekir Altıngök and Şehmus Kaya said that. The state is not claiming for them, dül dül Each of us is working for nearly 30 years. We are operating in the most difficult conditions without taking the cold and hot weather into account. But we have not seen the government's support to this day. No one step has been taken to improve our rights. Those who lost their lives in the Soma disaster. I wonder if we will lose our lives in a catastrophe after all of us will be owned, "he asked the State to give the sweat of the workers.

”Let other public workers be given to us as staff“

Haci Yaman and Abdülkerim Kaplan said that they had never seen any support from the government until now. But we are running a maximum of 6 months. After 3 month is running, they say go to work, go home. 3 months of the year are blank. Each of us has a population of at least 9. 6 months are empty, how to look after these families. We have also supported this government. Every year 9 bin teacher 40 bin police getting. Why have these workers not been employed for years? We also ask the staff to give the staff to the workers who work under difficult conditions on the railway, if they are assigned to the state, other public institutions and organizations. “He said.



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