The chaos about the price of the trams taken by Gaziantep from France continues

The chaos about the price of the trams that Gaziantep receives from France continues: The chaos about the price of the 28 tramway from France continues. There is uncertainty about the cost of the tram, which appears to be 7.7 million Euros in the accounts of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and 5 million Euros in France. At the center of this uncertainty, there is Fuat Özçörekçi, former Secretary General of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, and Ibrahim Evrim, Assistant Secretary General for Foreign Relations.


Asım Güzelbey, former President of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, has targeted Settar Çanlıoğlu for the lost money. However, no tender was made for Fuat Özçörekçi, who was then general secretary and who resigned before the 30 March local elections. The tender was held at the end of the news report of the Hakimiyet Newspaper that 28 will be the average amount of 50 million euros. Fuat Özçörekçi, who made a statement against the purchase of 2,8 trolley for 7.7 million euros in the tender, said, vay After a good bargain, this figure was bought vay. Özçörekçi who followed the tram-picking process at the highest level had confused the fact that 30 Mart resigned from his post days after the local elections.


14 According to the agreement in January, 28 units from France were paid 5 million Euros for the tram. The French news sites and local newspapers belonging to Turks living in France writes that 5 Million Euros have been paid for trams. French local newspapers claim this figure is 5.2 million. The French people announced that they paid 5 million euros for the trams, while it was found that this figure was 7.7 million Euros for Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality accounts. While the fact that there is a difference of 2.7 million Euro in France and Gaziantep accounts, Asım Güzelbey brought a very different dimension to the subject with his last explanation. Güzelbey'in a close friend in the electronic mail, "Fatma Sahin, I have no problem. But Çanlıoğlu in the tram purchase business and several people played the lead role. For this reason, if there is a question mark in the heads of this procurement, you should file a complaint immediately with the Public Prosecutor Cumhuriyet.


Güzelbey, trams taken all the conversations for the Deputy Secretary General Settar Çanlıoğlu'nun done, so informed Çanlıoğlu'nun knowledgeable. Thus, the ball put on the Çanlıoğlu'nun Güzelbey, stressed the need to investigate the subject in depth. Settar Çanlıoğlu claimed that there was no lost money and that he had been misinformed. However, former Secretary General Fuat Özçörekçi, along with Çanlıoğlu, and Ibrahim Evrim, deputy secretary general responsible for foreign affairs, are alleged to have deep knowledge of the purchase of trams.

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