Workers made their first field on the 3 bridge construction site

Workers made their first field at the 3 bridge construction site: Construction works of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge continue at full speed. The workers made their first court in the bridge construction site. VATAN observes continuous work over night

29 May 2013'den thrown 3'un Bosphorus Bridge (Yavuz Sultan Selim) continues to work without speed. The workers in the night shift, who made their first field at the construction site at the beginning of Ramadan, continue to work uninterruptedly. VATAN went to the worksite of the 3 bridge in Garipçe and examined the night work.

4.5 meters per week

One of the most important stages of the project, called the bridge feet is rising rapidly, about a week distance of about 4.5 meters said. In addition to the bridges of the bridge at the European side of Sarıyer Garipçe and Beykoz Poyrazköy, which are simultaneously on the European side of the bridge, the 5 bin 770 worker was on duty at the North Marmaray Motorway. 3. The foot of the Bridge in Garipçe reached 250 meters, while the height at Poyrazköy rose to 245 meters. The height of the 320 meter will be completed in the coming months. The beam works between the bridge towers were completed. 61 of your feet. 71. It was stated that the concrete was completed in four stages for the permanent beams ending in meters. In the construction of permanent beams, iron was used on 710 tone, while 2 thousand 500 cubic meters of concrete were cast on both sides. It is stated that the completion of the permanent beams is an important step for the connection between the bridge and the approach viaduct. At the same time, the connection between the bridge beams, bridge beams will be provided.

1408 meter length

3.It continues to build the bridge legs and tower cranes that will carry the 1408 meter-long bridge in Sarıyer Garipçe, which is the connection point of the European side of the bridge and in Beykoz Poyrazköy on the Asian side. The feet of the rapidly rising bridge were placed on a floor with 20 meter depth with 20 meter depth. The feet were lowered from the sea level to a depth of 12 on both sides. Thus, the project will be implemented in the safest and most reliable way.

Two lanes will be rail

In total 4.5 will pass 10 lanes over the new bridge that will find the cost of a billion liras. However, the 8 lane will be the highway, while the 2 lane will be integrated into the Marmaray and Istanbul Metro. While passing the railway line for the first time on Bosphorus Bridges; Thanks to the project, Ataturk, Sabiha Gokcen and the new 3. The airport will have an integrated railway track. The length of the new bridge will be the 1408 meter, the height of the bridge feet will be 320 meters and the width will be 59 meters, and this feature will be the longest suspension bridge in the world.

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