Eurasia Tunnel cost 1,2 billion dollars

The cost of the Eurasia Tunnel is 1,2 billion dollars: Information about the investments made in Istanbul, Minister Yıldırım, stated that 17 billion dollars investment has been made in Istanbul so far and this will reach 90 billion dollars. He explained that the cost of the Eurasia Tunnel project, which is planned to be in use recently, is $ 1,2 billion.
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, Istanbul, 17 billion $ investment in the current moment, and these investments will find in later times 90 billion pounds said.
Especially in Istanbul, they have made great investments in the transportation sector, which is currently ongoing projects in Istanbul, the investment will be realized 90 billion pounds, he added.
With regard to Turkey's agenda and made the city so far invested told reporters that the Minister Yildirim, relieve traffic in Istanbul He also mentioned the planned Eurasian Tunnel. Yıldırım also announced that the cost of the Eurasia Tunnel project, which he thought would significantly ease transportation in Istanbul, is 1,2 billion dollars.
The Minister continued his speech as follows: “The cost of the Istanbul-Izmir Highway and Izmit Gulf Crossing project, which is still under construction, is $ 6,3 billion, the cost of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and its continuation routes is $ 2,5 billion, the cost of the 3rd airport is 13,1, $ 600 billion, and the cost of the Haliç Yacht Harbor project is $ XNUMX million. All these projects are projects that will facilitate the transportation of Istanbul and are largely completed ”
Yıldırım, who stated that thanks to Marmaray, can go from Gebze to Istanbul without interruption, when the rehabilitation project of the suburban lines, the continuation of Marmaray, which is still under construction, is completed from Gebze, Istanbul. HalkalıHe stated that he would have a system with a total of 76 kilometers of metro setting up to.
Minister Yıldırım, therefore, from Gebze in urban transportation HalkalıHe underlined that you can go to Istanbul without interruption. He also talked about projects that will be integrated into Marmaray.
Yıldırım said, “Even the high-speed train will not stay in Pendik, Halkalıwill reach up to. We have two metro projects that we are currently building. One of them travels completely from the bottom between Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Kaynarca, on average 7-7,5 kilometers.
This line is in Kaynarca Kadıköy-It integrates into the Eagle subway. Therefore, we add Sabiha Gökçen Airport to the metro network. In the south, this line is integrated into Marmaray. ”


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