Park Continue Continue Project Seeing Intensive Support

Park Et Continue Project Supports Intensive: İSPARK Park Et, Continue to Make Life Easy

Parking lots close to the transportation vehicles are attracting great attention.

İSPARK yaygın Park Et Continue Parking ına is becoming more and more common at public transportation stations. Istanbul drivers continue to drive their vehicles to these car parks by using alternative means of transportation without going into traffic congestion.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which offers alternative systems in transportation to Istanbul's service, also makes parking lots close to these areas through İSPARK. Citizens, such as Metro, Metrobus and Marmaray, such as transportation vehicles to the car park in a short distance leaving the traffic intensity and stress without going into the road. İSPARK directs drivers to these car parks and encourages them to reach their destination in a short time. At the same time, the vehicle convoy of the 150 kilometer is also withdrawn from the traffic every day.

40 at the point of service
Drivers who leave their cars comfortably in the "Park Continue" car parks across the city continue their journey using the metro, metrobus, marmaray, watercraft and public transportation vehicles. Kadıköy The driver, who left his car in Ayrılıkçeşme parking lot, can transfer to Yenikapı from here by using Marmaray and reach Aksaray metro and the Airport at the same time, as well as Metrobus and Beylikdüzü without experiencing any traffic stress.

Continue to Park Et Metro, Metrobüs and Marmaray

The. Park et X system, which is a low-cost car park application close to public transportation stations, employs about 3.5 million per year. The 100 mileage vehicle convoy, which is used for traffic at 40 points, provides services to the citizens with the capacity of a thousand vehicles.

Drivers who leave their vehicles in the car parks, which are within walking distance of public transportation points, can continue their journey with different transportation facilities.

With the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, İSPARK General Manager Nurettin Korkut stated that they spread their parking lot as İSPARK.

Continue to Park Road

Park in ISPARK provides safe and discounted parking for the drivers who will travel by plane as part of the Continue Flight Plan.

İSPARK has opened parking and parking garages close to Sabiha Gökçen and Atatürk Airport. Sabiha Gökçen P + R parking lot for the 250 vehicle and the Yeşilköy P + R parking lot for the 750 car are serving the citizens.

Citizens are able to travel to ISPARK car parks in both 10 minutes to the airport and leave their vehicles at any point. Park hizmet Continue to airplanes dakik project for the passengers in time within the framework of a ring per minute 15 service to the passengers.

The project benefits drivers in many ways Proje

Park Check Time: Park your vehicle Continue Drivers who drive the parking lot, Metro, Metrobus, Marmaray, IDO and other public transportation vehicles reach the destination as soon as possible.

Park Save Money:

Drivers are freed from waiting in traffic for hours and wandering around. Economical using less fuel kazanI am providing. With the Park and Continue project, approximately 800 thousand TL per month to the economy kazanbeing yelled.
In addition, 2016 2.3 million liters of fuel-saving drivers, 39.2 million liters of fuel savings, and 10.3 million liras fuel savings were achieved.

Parking Clean air:

İSPARK contributes to the formation of a cleaner environment by reducing the emission of carbon dioxide emission to the environment with its Park Et Devam Etası Parking Park. Approximately 150 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emission per year is prevented from spreading to the environment.

Drivers are freed from waiting in traffic for hours and wandering around. While contributing to its budget by using less fuel; With the decrease in fuel consumption, a great economic benefit to our country. kazanI am providing. With the Park and Continue car parks, drivers who get rid of the chaos of traffic and the search for a parking lot are not exposed to traffic stress.

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