Demirel's Lovers Association President Demirel Trust Reaffirmed

Demirel Lovers Association President Demirel Trust Reaffirmed: The first congress of the Association of Railways Lovers Association, Kemal Demirel congratulated the founding president.

The 1 congress was held at Ördekli Cultural Center. Demirel, the president and founder of the association, was elected as the only candidate. 64 50 members participated in the congress in the congress, Demirel said, is happy to be re-elected president, he said.

Eg with a network of railways and Turkey will this train ride together, he expresses Demirel said, "the first time an association to support the establishment of rail transport in Turkey and will aim to sign this association every time better project. Turkey with iron mesh knitting together we will ride this train all the time, "he said.

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