Aydin lost his life under the train

Aydin lost his life under the train: A person of 35 who died in a train accident in Aydın died along with his secrets. Eyewitnesses stated that he had taken his life by jumping in front of the train, while the Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation into the death of the person named Öner Zırıltı.

The event occurred at 11: 15 ranks on the railway near Aydın Efeler District Center Public Works Junction. According to information obtained; Denizli-Aydin voyage 32256 from time to time the passenger train under the management of the engineer Mehmet Ali D. and his assistant Suleyman T. public works Interchange at the level of the crossing 40-50 meters away from seeing a person on the railway suddenly braked. The unstoppable train crushed the person named 35 Ask Öner Zırıltı. After a while, standing next to the person who hit the train and health officials who died running at the scene determined that the person.

Asking for the 35-living in Aydın, Youndi jumped to jump in front of the train to commit suicide, the young man died along with their rows. Following the examination of the public prosecutor at the scene of the corpse of the Aydin State Hospital morgue for the autopsy while the train continued investigations after the scene investigation.

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