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In Ankara, the public transportation fees to the Zam Geld: According to the new tariff set in Ankara EGO buses, Ankaray and Metros full boarding 2 TL, discounted ride was 1,50 TL.

Yesterday in Istanbul, after the hike in public transportation fees in Ankara, the Transport Coordination Center (Ukome) according to the schedule determined by the General Assembly of EGO buses, Ankaray and Metros full boarding 2 TL, discounted boarding 1,50 TL, transfer fee was also 0,67 cents.


According to the information received from the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara, new regulations were made in public transport fees. In the General Assembly of the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME), new tariffs were determined in the public transport of the Capital City, where no changes were made in the 33 months.


15 According to the new tariff that will be implemented as of June Sunday, EGO buses were upgraded to 1,75 TL with 2 TL in Metro and Ankara, and 1,30 (1,50) to 0,59 (0,67). It was decided to transfer the transfer charges from these vehicles to XNUMX Kuruş, XNUMX Kuruş.


According to the new tariffs determined by UKOME, the full boarding fee was increased from 2,10 to 2,40 and the discounted boarding fee would be increased from 1,30 to 1,50. Short distance minibus flights were extended from 2,10 to 2,40 and long distance minibuses were extended from 2,40 to 2,75.


New tariffs will start to be implemented as of June, 15 authorities, fuel, electricity, natural gas and spare parts in the increase of various rates in the 33 month despite the increase in the public transport of the capital was noted that no increase. Turkey's cheapest public transport service also underlined that Ankara be given to the authorities, any changes made in the public transport fee of about 3 years, they underlined that they had to make new arrangements.

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