Here is the formula in İZBAN

Here is the formula in İZBAN: Experts suggested various formulas on how to increase the frequency of voyage in İZBAN.

TCDD's renewal of the signaling system is essential, it covers a period of about a year, officials said, bun Already in this time all of the new sets will be in Izmir. If you start today and go to the auction, everything will be completed until the entire set arrives. Then, İZBAN 5 reaches a train frequency every minute ”, he shared his opinion.

The solution is very simple
Acak So, what will happen in the process? Because the sets will come into parties and be put into operation. In other words, the number of sets will increase but again the number of voyages will not increase? ”The answer to the question is as follows: ta This solution is very simple. Truck and TIRs in the morning and evening on the highway, so large and large vehicles that adversely affect the traffic of the city traffic is not. TCDD's regional and national mainline trains also provide the necessary signaling system to the target in the morning and evening hours when İZBAN is the busiest of the passenger density. If freight trains enter even after the completion of the last voyage of İZBAN, the problem is solved. In fact, the last thing that is desired in urban rail transportation systems, which is the most modern transportation system in the world, is exhaust fumes, pollution and noise created by freight trains passing by the waiting passengers in the station. In fact, everything is so simple. When you look at how many TCDD passengers carry on these trains per day, in spite of how many thousand people in the city have been waiting for a few minutes, you are already making the decision. CD

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