High Speed ​​Train difference with High Speed ​​Train

Difference between High Speed ​​Train and High Speed ​​Train: The day when the High Speed ​​Train line between Eskişehir and Istanbul will be put into operation or the interest in High Speed ​​Train has increased in our society. As a person who has given nearly half a century of his life (46 years) to railways, I have written and continue to write a few articles to this day with the thought of enlightening our people a little.

Some of the concepts and information about the subject should be given at the beginning of the speed of trains and trains are coming.
3 trains in railway operations:
Cargo trains
Passenger trains
Work trains [Trains for the railway company's own needs]
Trains at this stage are interested in passenger trains, and their speeds.
3 kinds of passenger trains also according to their speed:
Its speed per hour is 160 km. Trains up to CONVENTIONAL - Conventional, classic - TRAINS
Trains with a speed of 160 - 200 per hour QUICK TRAINS
The speed on the clock 200 and more than Km. Trains HIGH SPEED TRAINS (YHT)
High Speed ​​Trains have come to the fore until now. However, this technology, which requires a high standard infrastructure feature, cannot be applied in every land segment. In our country conditions, compulsory low speeds on uneven terrain (compared to our old railway technology will be required at high speeds [140 - 200 km / h] again.

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  1. The next step should be the provision of direct, fast and safe transport by trains that incorporate both electrical and diesel systems. Spain-Germany-Brazil and Canada.