Asphalt Road Crashes After Heavy Rain In Bursa

Bursa Asphalt Road After Heavy Rain Crashed: In Bursa, heavy rain in the evening began to fall to 34,4 weight per square meter fell.
Heavy rain in Bursa yesterday evening began in the square meters of rain fell 34.4 weight. Due to heavy rainfall Bursa-Ankara Highway Santral Garage location collapsing asphalt due to collapsing on the road under investigation Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, renewed pipes, the collapsing part of the construction company by the construction of the curtain wall was done quickly, he said. In Bursa, which started last night and the effect of heavy rainfall, 34.4 pounds of rain fell to the square meter was announced. Heavy rains affected life negatively in Bursa. Firefighters intervened on the notice until the morning of the flood of 12 home and work intervened. As a result of the rain, Bursa-Ankara Highway Santral Garaj Building was collapsed on asphalt as a result of the collapse of the construction wall. As a result of the collapse of sewer pipes, the road was closed to traffic. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe in the morning investigations in this region, the construction of the ongoing construction of the wall as a result of the collapse of the sewer pipe exploded, the road has become unusable, he said.
Altepe said that the construction and control of the district municipalities were carried out, the road became unusable and the sewer pipe exploded due to the explosion of the Metropolitan Municipality. Teams last night since the Directorate of Highways by the Regional Directorate of pipes continue to renovate the President Altepe, the contractor companies performing the construction of curtain wall re-curtain said. Altepe, the road to work as soon as possible to open day and night, he said.
In the meantime, torrential rains will continue intermittently until Friday in Bursa announced.

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