16 Bursa

Tram and public bus intervened in Bursa

In Bursa, the tram and the public bus intertwined: In Bursa, the collision of the tram and the bus brought them to their mouths. Tram and bus passengers survived the accident cheap. The accident occurred on Ataturk Street. 16 M 00348 [more…]


Arus-Urge Workshop was held

Arus-Urge Workshop was held: Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Transportation officials, ARUS Management and 40 ARUS-URGE were held at Crowne Plaza Hotel. During the workshop, the current situation in rail transport systems in the world and in Turkey, [more…]


RayHaber 22.04.2014 Tender Bulletin

Supply of clothes to YHT Machinists Mesh Wire Mesh Will Be Made Oil Boxed Pneumatic Pump and Oil Dispenser Purchase Work Ballast Supply Work Ballast Supply Work Rails coming out of the line and stacking work Diesel [more…]

966 Saudi Arabia

High-speed train from Istanbul to Medina

high-speed train from Istanbul to Medina JORDAN REQUEST ASSISTANCE FROM TURKEY MEAT Hejaz Railway was the first major effort consuming to Turkey to support the revitalization came from Jordan. Jordan-Hejaz Railways (JHR), made during the Ottoman Empire [more…]


Alaplida Signalization Study

Signaling Work in Alaplı: Mayor of Alaplı Nuri Tekin said that there will be signaling work at Taşbaşı Junction where traffic is intense. Thompson, AA correspondent, said that some arrangements at the Tasbasi Junction where fatal accidents took place [more…]


Road traffic safety meeting was held

Highways traffic safety meeting was held: Highways traffic safety meeting - Osmaniye Highways Traffic Safety Meeting Governor Dr. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Oduncu. In the meeting, Osmaniye city traffic regulation of the safety, municipal [more…]


Description of the Rahmanlar Bridge from DSI

DSI's Comment on the Rahmanlar Bridge: DSI 2 about the news published in some local newspapers in Ödemiş under the title üretici The producer wants expropriation first in Rahmanlar Dam ”. I have a statement from the Regional Directorate. 18 on April 2014 [more…]

Asphalt News

Central and Coastal Roads to be Paved in Kastamonuda

Kastamonuda Central And Coastal Roads Asphalted: By the Special Provincial Administration of Kastamonu central and coastal road contract was signed for the tender of asphalting. 3 in the position of Secretary General. At the signing ceremony held in the presence of a notary public “Kastamonu [more…]

16 Bursa

IRIS General Information Training in Bursa

IRIS General Information Training will be held in Bursa: TÜV Teknik Kontrol ve Belgelasyon A.Ş. 15-16 will be conducting IRIS General Information Training (BURSA) in Bursa on May 2014. 10% discount if our RAYDER members wish to participate in the training [more…]


Bridge to Espiye Bahçecik Village

Bridge to Espiye Bahçecik Village: The bridge, which is being built by the Special Provincial Administration for project and supervision services, is under construction in the Bahçecik Village of the Espiye District. Espiye Village Service Association (KÖY-DES) appropriations, Provincial [more…]


Restoration of Koyunbaba Bridge Close by Bağcı

Restoration of Koyunbaba Bridge in Closer Monitoring of Bağcı: AK Party Deputy of Çorum and member of the budget plan commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey dr. Cahit Bağcı made a series of investigations in Osmancık. AK Party Deputy of Corum and Parliament [more…]


40 km of Bolu Mudurnu Highway tendered

40 km part of Bolu Mudurnu Highway was tender: 40 kilometer part of Bolu Mudurnu Highway was auctioned. When buying Kızılırmak Company, the remaining part will be completed within the period specified in the specification. Bolu Mudurnu [more…]


Ecological measures for accidents on highways

Ecological measures for road accidents: The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs is building ecological bridges on highways to prevent wildlife-related traffic accidents. According to a written statement from the Ministry, Nature Conservation and National [more…]