Intercity Railways

Investment investment in railways

investment in rail express: It is the center of rail investment in Turkey. Limak, Kolin, Lightning, such as the company established a company. Foreign giants looking for partners. Turkey is rapidly moving towards becoming a manufacturing base in the railway industry. Turkey's rail investment projects, YHT [more…]


New Speed ​​Train Sets Coming

New High Speed ​​Train Sets Coming: TCDD, which plans to start high-speed trains from Istanbul in early summer, needs to strengthen its fleet rapidly in order to reach the target as often as possible. TCDD is still in the hands of 12 units CAF train set to be commissioned soon [more…]

medina station
966 Saudi Arabia

Neck of the Train

Medina Train Station: 2 On May 1900, preparations for the Hejaz Railway have started and although there are various views on the determination of the railway route, Sultan II. Al-Hijaz line along the historic pilgrimage road [more…]


RayHaber 16.04.2014 Tender Bulletin

Procurement of Various Construction Materials (to be used in Ankara Subway Operation) Loading of Ballast to Wagons Work of Call Center Service by Professional Company Aggregate will be purchased Construction machinery will be rented Walkways will be constructed (Erzincan Erzurum Kars Stations Field) [more…]

Asphalt News

Superstructure Works on Kartep

Superstructure Works on Kartpak gained speed: Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez accelerated the superstructure work throughout the district. The teams affiliated to the Directorate of Science Affairs make road improvement arrangements in Köseköy region. Services that are appreciated by the local community [more…]


Obligation of helmets on electric bicycles

Obligation of helmets on electric bicycles: Denizli Police Department, electric bicycle wearers are obliged to wear helmets, drivers who do not comply 80 liras said that the administrative fines will be given. Provincial Directorate of Police, said in the Road Traffic Regulation and 19 February [more…]


Restoring Historic Koyunbaba Bridge

The historical Koyunbaba Bridge is being restored: Restoration works have been initiated at the Koyunbaba Bridge, which is the longest bridge built in Anatolia by the Ottoman Empire in the Osmancık district of Çorum and built by Sultan Beyazit II. First time 2010 [more…]


Ropeway Systems Design Criteria | Detachable Terminal, Cabinet or Chair Systems

Design Criteria for Ropeway Systems, Systems with Separable Terminal, Cabinet or Chair: This section covers the human transport vehicles, which can be connected to the towing rope, which can be connected to the tow rope, and which can be separated. Carriers travel along a line from one terminal to another [more…]


Ropeway Systems Design Criteria | Large Cabinet, Two Way Systems

Ropeway Systems Design Criteria: The ropeway is the means by which passengers are transported in cabs connected to the rope within the human transport systems. Ropeway vehicles do not come into contact with the surface or snow. The cabins come and go between the terminals and are located in the terminals. [more…]