Intercity Railways

Investment investment in railways

investment in rail express: It is the center of rail investment in Turkey. Limak, Kolin, Lightning, such as the company established a company. Foreign giants looking for partners. Turkey is rapidly moving towards becoming a manufacturing base in the railway industry. Turkey's rail investment projects, YHT [more…]


New Speed ​​Train Sets Coming

New High Speed ​​Train Sets Coming: TCDD, which plans to start high-speed trains from Istanbul in early summer, needs to strengthen its fleet rapidly in order to reach the target as often as possible. TCDD is still in the hands of 12 units CAF train set to be commissioned soon [more…]

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Haremeyn Railway to Connect Mecca and Medina

Haremeyn Railway to Connect Mecca and Medina: The project has been completed only half so far and the trains will be tested next year. The cost of the railway project, which is expected to cost 11,1 billion dollars and will pass through Jeddah, has been reviewed and [more…]

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Road Safety Conference in Urban Transportation

Urban Transportation Conference on Road Safety: April 28, 2014 on Monday in Salt Galata, hosted by EMBARQ Turkey with the support of 3m and "Road Safety in Urban Transport" will be held a conference entitled. Ministry of Transport, Traffic Safety Platform, EMBARQ [more…]

medina station
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Neck of the Train

Medina Train Station: 2 On May 1900, preparations for the Hejaz Railway have started and although there are various views on the determination of the railway route, Sultan II. Al-Hijaz line along the historic pilgrimage road [more…]


RayHaber 16.04.2014 Tender Bulletin

Purchase of various construction materials (to be used in Ankara Metro Operations) Loading of Ballast to the wagons Call Center Service by Professional Firm Aggregate will be purchased Work machine will be rented Walkways will be constructed (Erzincan Erzurum Kars Station Site [more…]

Asphalt News

Superstructure Works on Kartep

Superstructure Works on Kartpak gained speed: Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez accelerated the superstructure work throughout the district. The teams affiliated to the Directorate of Science Affairs make road improvement arrangements in Köseköy region. Services that are appreciated by the local community [more…]


Overpass action by students and parents

Overpass action by students and parents: Students and parents who wanted an overpass to be built on Hakkari highway, where many traffic accidents were experienced before, in Başkale District of Van, closed the road to traffic. Students and parents who came together on the Van-Hakkari highway, [more…]


Speed ​​limits have been redefined in Afyon

Speed ​​limits were re-determined in Afyon: In Afyonkarahisar, which was chosen as the pilot province for speed control with radar, the speed limits were determined again. Regions where the speed limit is 70 kilometers per hour are between Turgut Özal Boulevard, İzmir Crossroads and Kadaifçioğlu Bend. [more…]


Obligation of helmets on electric bicycles

Obligation of helmets on electric bicycles: Denizli Police Department, electric bicycle wearers are obliged to wear helmets, drivers who do not comply 80 liras said that the administrative fines will be given. Provincial Directorate of Police, said in the Road Traffic Regulation and 19 February [more…]


Traffic teams in Kayseri increased control

In Kayseri, traffic teams increased the control: Kayseri Provincial Directorate of Security Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate, Regional Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate and District Centers Traffic Teams in areas of responsibility 1 weekly inspections, controlled 5 bin 367 vehicle [more…]


Ottoman Bridge Comes in the Infrastructure

The Ottoman Bridge Revealed in Infrastructure Works: The historical bridge, which is thought to belong to the late Ottoman Period, emerged during the infrastructure works carried out in Milas. Efforts are expected to bring the exciting historical bridge into tourism. Continuing in Milas [more…]


Restoring Historic Koyunbaba Bridge

The historical Koyunbaba Bridge is being restored: Restoration work has started on the Koyunbaba Bridge, which is the longest bridge built by the Ottoman Empire in Anatolia and is built by Sultan Beyazıt II, in the Osmancık district of Çorum. First time in 2010 [more…]


Bartın Amasra Road is Afforested

Bartın Amasra Road Afforestation: Bartın-amasra Road afforestation was successfully completed by the Bartın Forestry Operations Manager. The saplings planted in the past years on the roadside were maintained. As a new facility, 750 mountain medlar, 300 firethorn, 50 [more…]


Continues to Add Power to the Continental Matador

Continental Matador 's Power to the Power Added Continues: The world's largest international original equipment tire supplier Continental, one of Central Europe's most powerful tire brand Matador brings with users in Turkey. World's largest international original equipment [more…]


Funicular Design Criteria

Funicular Design Criteria: The attached file contains the minimum design criteria for Funicular Systems. In Chapter 2; "Geometric Design" criteria have been given for all Funicular Systems in general, and in the following chapters, urban collective [more…]


Concrete Ankara 2014 Fair

Concrete Ankara Fair 2014: Ready-mixed concrete, cement, aggregates and construction sectors sixth time this year Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association (TRMCA) at home, meet in Ankara Concrete 2014 Trade Fair. The opening will be made by the Minister of Environment and Urbanization, İdris Güllüce, [more…]


Monorail review report

Monorail inspection report: Monorail transport systems are generally included in western societies as a transport system in world fairs and amusement parks. However, recently, numerous large-scale monorail public transport systems have been built, some [more…]