izmir blue train coming to ankaraya
06 Ankara

İzmir Blue Train Wagon Accident

Izmir Blue Train Wagon Accident: The Izmir Blue Train departing from Izmir to Ankara yesterday, while leaving the Cigli train station, the door compartment of the first wagon was separated. Fortunately this is unfortunate [more…]


Book Festival in Tram

Book Festival on Tram: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Education Courses (GAMEK) distributed free books on the tram and citizens were encouraged to read books. Everybody on the tram read books during the trip. Noon [more…]


Turkey Logistics closed to dim out

Turkey closed to dim out in Logistics: Logistics sector, after Turkey's foreign trade and the economy by improving the construction sector, a sector which can deliver exceptionally important for the developed country status. However, most of the logistics for Turkey [more…]


Tram stops in Eskişehir

Tram stops stopped in Eskişehir: The torrential rainfall in Eskişehir turned into a flood. Tram stops stopped. A lot of homes and businesses were flooded. Afternoon suddenly suppressing rain in Central Odunpazari [more…]