Asphalt News

Mezitli Municipality Works on Asphalt

Mezitli Municipality Continues Asphalt Works: The teams of Mezitli Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, the central district of Mersin, are rapidly continuing the asphalt construction, maintenance and repair works on various avenues and streets of the district. Asphalt works in Mezitli Eskiköy District, Eskiköy Street [more…]


Asphalt Road Collapsed After Heavy Rain In Bursa

Asphalt Road Collapsed After Heavy Rain in Bursa: In the heavy rain that started yesterday evening in Bursa, 34,4 kilograms of precipitation fell per square meter. In the heavy rain that started yesterday evening in Bursa, 34.4 kilograms of precipitation fell per square meter. Bursa-Ankara due to heavy rain [more…]

Asphalt News

Palandöken Municipality made a tender of asphalt

Palandöken Municipality made a tender asphalt: Palandöken Municipality made a tender for 30 thousand tons of Asphalt for the summer season. Palandöken Mayor Orhan Bulutlar, municipality of the Council of the tender with the participation of 8 company, last asphalt road with the work done [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Mobilization to Villages

Asphalt Mobilization to the Villages: Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek has initiated the asphalt mobilization to the villages by fulfilling the promise given before the election. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gokcek, pre-election fulfilled the promise, the villages started the asphalt mobilization. [more…]


Alternative to North Caucasus road from Ankaradan

Ankaradan North Caucasus highway alternatives: 11türkiye 2 thousand kilometers from the airline, the only option that allows public access to the North Caucasus, road opponent appeared. The ticket prices for the bus service vary between $ 80-125. From Turkey to the North Caucasus for decades airline [more…]


Straightforward motorway connection is OK

The highway connection without Düzce is ok: İsmail Çakmak, Head of MÜSİAD Düzce Branch, conveyed the highway connection of Düzce to Minister Lütfi Elvan. MUSIAD Düzce Branch, MUSIAD Elazig Branch hosted the 85th General Administrative Board Meeting. [more…]


Highways Work in Gümüşhane

Highways Works in Silver House: Selahattin Bayramçavuş, Director of Highways 10, stated that they had traveled a great distance on the Gümüşhane-Trabzon highway, where the divided road works continued. [more…]


Overpass Request for Students

Overpass Request for Muşta Students: Sungu Vakıfbank Girls' Regional Secondary School (YBO) Director Ercan Demir said that some students use the intercity road and this is dangerous for students. Using the Muş-Bitlis highway [more…]

30 Greece

From Thessaloniki to the Balkans, trains start again

From Thessaloniki to the Balkans, trains start again: The Greek government has decided to resume train services from Thessaloniki to Sofia. From May onwards, Sofia-Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki-Sofia flights can be made daily. The flights were stopped three years ago by Athens due to lack of financial resources. [more…]


Kapaklı Awaits Completion Of Saray Ring Road

Kapaklı Awaits the Completion of the Saray Ring Road: In Kapaklı, one of the largest districts of Tekirdağ, the traffic on Pınar Boulevard, which acts as a bridge between Istanbul and Europe and passes through the district center, is planned to be built as an alternative. [more…]

09 Aydin

Makes His Models for Grandchildren

Models that do for grandchildren Brand Happened: car models are made to gift to grandson in Aydin in demand by when shared on the internet people to the four corners of Turkey on the order of trucks, buses, trams and sending the car model. ASTIS Organized [more…]


Civelek: The Walkway is not closed

Civelek: Walking Path is not being closed.AKP Provincial Chairman Mahmut Civelek responded at the weekly press conference at the provincial building, claiming the closure of the Walking Path, which started the tram works. Civelek said the Walkway would not be closed. AKP Provincial Chairman Mahmut Civelek, in the provincial building [more…]


Turkish shipyards doubled the capacity by 8

Turkish shipyards have doubled their capacity by 8: Turkish shipyards, which have doubled their production capacity by 10 in the last 8 years, want to realize different projects that will carry the sector further. Turkish shipyards turned their eyes to new projects. Turnkey projects in special purpose shipbuilding [more…]

marmaray trains
34 Istanbul

Istanbula Marmaray Arrives

Marmaray came to Istanbul: The two sides of the city came together. Even Hacıosman and Kartal were connected to each other. He gets on the metro from Hacıosman and gets on Marmaray in Yenikapı. He makes a transfer to the metro in Ayrılıkçeşme and goes to Kartal. Transportation is the most important factor in tourism. For Istanbul [more…]

16 Bursa

Tram Horn Has Hospitalized

Tram Horn Hospitalized: A woman in Bursa, afraid of the horn of the tram, was hospitalized by stuck in the rain gully while running away from the rails. The incident occurred in the Kent Square area of ​​the T1 tram line. Noticing the woman named AS who passed the tram line [more…]

Intercity Railways

Refreshing half a century railway

The half-century railway is being renovated: Renovation works have been initiated on the 223-kilometer railway running on the Muş, Tatvan, Van and Kapıköy route.The wooden sleepers, rails and other materials on the half-century-old railway are being replaced and the road is planned to be made more modern with today's technology [more…]


KTÜ students want a light rail system

KTÜ students want a light rail system: Karadeniz Technical University faculty member Associate Professor Mustafa Şahin once again made striking statements in the "Everything with Ustabaşı" program. The research on the effects of social media in divorce and family problems resounding in Turkey [more…]