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35 Izmir

First Gulf Dolphins in Izmir

First Gulf Dolphins in Izmir: In order to increase the passenger capacity of İZBAN, the first 3, which was ordered from the new train sets, was brought to İzmir for the 'test drive İlk. The 72 wagon with 24 will be in Izmir this year, and the remaining 16 [more…]


Derince to record length concrete road

Derince to be a record-length concrete road: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to work in order to modernize the village roads, the record works. The concrete road works developed as an alternative to the asphalt road continue to be applied in the village roads. This [more…]


3, Bridge's feet have exceeded 200 meters

3, Bridge's feet have surpassed the 200 meter: The works on the 3's Bosphorus Bridge, which is currently under construction in Istanbul, continue at full speed. In the aerial views of the bridge, there are studies on the feet and other areas whose height exceeds the 200 meter. When the bridge's feet are finished [more…]

Intercity Railways

Rumeli Railways and Train Stations

Rumelian Railways and Train Stations: The first train in the Western world, after several preliminary experiments, began to operate at 1825 miles on 20, on the short railway line between Darlington and Stockton towns in England. Among British industrialists [more…]

16 Bursa

President Altepe Uludağ Gave His Name To The Cable Car Line (Video-Photo Gallery)

President Altepe Uludag gave the Gospel for the Cable Car Line: Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Uludag will add comfort to the transportation of the new ropeway by joining the trial voyages, modern transportation will begin at the end of May, he said. Modernization of the old ropeway of the Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


Beton opens its doors in Ankara 2014 Congresium

Concrete Ankara 2014 Congresium in opened its doors: Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association (TRMCA) organized by the "concrete Ankara 2014 Ready Mix Concrete, Cement, Aggregates, Building Technology and Equipment Exhibition" Environment and Urban Planning Minister Idris opened with güllücan participation. This year [more…]


Change of duties in BORAJET

Change of duties in BORAJET: The experienced name has been successful since the establishment of BORAJET Airlines. Kadir Peker is handing over his new professional plans. Sec. Kadir Peker During the 20 years of experience in the aviation industry, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Hamit Altintop's metrobus selfie

Hamit Altintop's metrobus selfie: Hamit Altintop! Stars football player metrobus selfie Galatasaray's 32-year-old player Hamit Altintop today shared a photo of metrobus. Galatasaray's 32 player Hamit Altintop shared a photo of metrobusteki today.Galatasaray'da beginning of this season [more…]