Palandöken Municipality made a tender of asphalt

Palandöken Municipality made a tender asphalt: Palandöken Municipality made a tender for 30 thousand tons of asphalt for the summer season.
Palandöken Mayor Orhan Bulutlar, the municipality with the participation of the 8 company in the hall of the tender held in the last period, the rate of asphalt road 90'a said that the previous studies.
Clouds, 2014 year for the summer season they will buy with the auction they will perform Hot asphalt pavement according to the standards 30 thousand tons, "so that the district will have pulled the paving rate even higher," he said.
In order to realize the promises given to the public during the local election process, the Clouds, which reminded that the project works are continuing uninterrupted, said:
Ik We have started our works in order to bring our promises towards the needs of the people who have stepped on their feet instead of hitting the air in the air. The most important of our promises is to protect the green in our district and to create new green areas, to do the work to get their homes without housing, new service building, soup kitchen, nursing home, ski slope, urban forest recreation area, ice-skating hall, swimming pool, a new cultural center We will complete the infrastructures of our projects which will be transformed into investment, marriage and urban transformation. Because we have promised these investments and we will not embarrass those who trust us by keeping our promise.

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