34 Istanbul

3. A neighbor visit to the bridge construction

3. A visit to the neighboring bridge construction: A group of academicians and students from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki visited 3 in Istanbul where they came for sightseeing. He also visited the bridge and received information. The construction of the third Bosphorus Bridge and North Marmara Highway Project was [more…]

Here is the latest situation in the never ending high speed train projects
06 Ankara

Fast Train Impact on Economy

High-speed train to economy: With the transition to Eskişehir and İstanbul, the number of economic opportunities and tourism will increase in Eskişehir. To operate the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line between Eskisehir and Istanbul, which will download 1,5-2 hours [more…]

34 Istanbul

Zubr Container Train

For Zubr Container Train Talks Held: Haydarpaşa Port Management Directorate between delegations of the two countries as regards the development of the administrative building in Turkey and Tallinn-Riga-Minsk-Odessa route on the Baltic Sea with the Black Sea, linking ZUBER train project between Latvia, [more…]


RayHaber 24.04.2014 Tender Bulletin

The installation of ballast to the wagons in the form of fig. Bridge Maintenance and Repair will be done Young Garage Commercial Ramp Floor Concrete Covering Car Rental Service Will Be Taken Similar Railway Road and Cable Car NewsRayHaber 19.02.2014 Tender Bulletin 19 / 02 / 2014 In our system 19.02.2014 [more…]


The tram route of Izmit is not clear yet

The tram route of Izmit is not clear yet: The most important problem of Izmit is the problem of urban transportation. Metropolitan Municipality, before the election of the 30 March, the "Tramway project" to solve this problem was put forward. Tramway work went way beyond a political promise. [more…]


Famous: Tram right, but the route is wrong

Famous: The tram is right, but the itinerary is wrong. MHP Provincial Chairman Aydın Ünlü gave a statement about various issues at the weekly evaluation meeting. The famous, the presidential elections for the MHP name nobody wanted to produce. The Provincial Chairman of the MHP supports the tram project, [more…]


Here is the tramway of Izmit

Here is the tram of Izmit: Mayor of Izmit Nevzat Dogan, Sekapark and the bus station between the bus station is determined to provide services, the tram is not a problem due to the disappearance of the Walkway, on the contrary, this route is pedestrianized further [more…]

13 Bitlis

Renewing Train Tracks in Tatvy

Refreshing career Tatvan Train Rails: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 5. The Regional Directorate is renewing the tracks in the 50 kilometer area between Bahçetepe and Tatvan. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 5. Regional Directorate, located in Bahçetepe-Tatvan rails in the 50 kilometer area [more…]

Construction Center
213 Algeria

A Touta-Zeralda Railway

A Touta-Zeralda Railway: The project is located in the 25 km southwest of the Algerian capital. The design speed of the 23 km new double track railway that will connect the capital center to Zeralda Suburb is 140 km / h. 5 railway viaduct along the project route, 12 [more…]


Trabzon tunnels city

Trabzon city tunnels: a tunnel, and most recently with the olacak.trabzo a city viaduct in Turkey will be a city with a maximum of tunnels and viaducts in Turkey. Starting with Star Avenue and continuing with Akyazı Tunnel [more…]


Aydın Ring Road Construction Started

Aydin Ring Road Construction Started: AK Party Aydin Deputy Mehmet Erdem, Aydin, one of the most important problems of the traffic problem began construction of the Aydin Ring Road said that the solution will be resolved. Karaman Municipality, the new ways of going to the environment. Mayor [more…]