Here is the latest situation in the never ending high speed train projects
06 Ankara

Fast Train Impact on Economy

Impact of High Speed ​​Train on the Economy: With the introduction of High Speed ​​​​Train between Eskişehir and Istanbul, economic opportunities and the number of tourism will increase in Eskişehir. Between Eskişehir and Istanbul [more…]

34 Istanbul

Zubr Container Train

A meeting was held for the Zubr Container Train: at the administrative building of the Haydarpaşa Port Management Directorate, connecting the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea on the Tallinn-Riga-Minsk-Odessa route between Turkey and Latvia. [more…]

31 Netherlands

Train tickets in Holland

Train ticket price hikes in the Netherlands are on the horizon: Train passengers will soon pay up to ten percent more for tickets during commuting and departure hours (spits) than they do today. [more…]


Here is the tramway of Izmit

Here is Izmit's tram: Izmit Mayor Nevzat Doğan said that they were determined about the tram planned to serve between Sekapark and Bus Terminal, and that the Walking Path would be eliminated due to the tram. [more…]

13 Bitlis

Renewing Train Tracks in Tatvy

Train Rails Are Being Renewed in Tatvan: The 5th Regional Directorate of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) is renewing the rails in the 50-kilometer area between Bahçetepe and Tatvan. Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) [more…]

Construction Center
213 Algeria

A Touta-Zeralda Railway

A Touta-Zeralda Railway: The project is located 25 km southwest of the capital Algeria. Design of the 23 km new double-track railway that will connect the capital center to Zeralda Suburb [more…]


Trabzon tunnels city

Trabzon city of tunnels: It will be a city with the most tunnels and viaducts in Turkey. Trabzon will soon be a city with the most tunnels and viaducts in Turkey. [more…]


Bridge Strain in Gemlik

Gemlik Bridge Ordeal: Citizens' complaints about the vehicle bridge built opposite the Government House in Gemlik district of Bursa are endless. While having difficulty getting off the bridge on foot, we went to the area where the tea gardens are located. [more…]

39 Italy

Awarded Pirelli Suppliers

Pirelli Rewarded Its Suppliers: Pirelli Supplier Awards, where Pirelli evaluates its suppliers worldwide on sustainability, quality, service quality and innovation, found their owners. 8 suppliers from Europe, 1 from Indonesia [more…]


Bridge will shorten the distance to 30 km

The bridge will shorten the distance by 30 km: President of the Baskilli Association, Yunus Görgün, said, "We are waiting for the highway bridge to be built over the railway bridge." Baskilli Association President Yunus Görgün said in his statement: [more…]


Great Race for Istanbul Traffic

Great Race for Istanbul Traffic: Software developers, designers and city planners come together to develop innovative ideas and applications that will offer solutions to Istanbul's transportation problem. [more…]