Karşıyaka Railway Station and Memorial Trees

Karşıyaka Railway Station and Memorial Trees:KarşıyakaWhile the restoration works of TCDD continue in the historical station of Istanbul, Karşıyakapeople wanted to preserve the monumental trees in the garden adjacent to the building.

Karşıyaka Work at the Train Station has been around for a while Karşıyaka keeps the public busy. Claims that the historic nostalgic station building will be demolished or arranged to be built by a cafeteria, KarşıyakaIt was the reaction of the Ilılar. The discussion that started with the removal of the glass and frames of the building, Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar went to the scene and extended to a whole new dimension with the initiation of the demolition of the tea gardens that were later added around the building.

KarşıyakaJournalist-Writer Tufan Atakişi said: “The easiest way to destroy a society is to make you forget its past. Urban Memory is the greatest heritage we will leave for future generations. ” KarşıyakaHe wanted to be protected as a cultural heritage. Atakişi asked TCDD 3rd Region Director Selim Koçbay to keep his promise of “we can make a museum” and said, “We Karşıyakagood and KarşıyakaWe want all values ​​of to be preserved. Next to the station building, there are two other important values ​​in that garden. Something caught my attention after the demolition of the tea gardens. There are two pine trees and a plane tree in the garden. These trees are, in my guess, age with gar. I believe that these trees should not be cut and taken under protection during restoration. ”


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