3 of Turkey Ski Federation. towards the usual congress

Turkey Ski Federation towards the ordinary congress of 3: Turkey Ski Federation will be held on April 19, 3. Erol Benefits of explaining his candidacy for the presidency of ordinary congress, skiing if it come to work said they wanted to create a new milestone in Turkey.

Yarar, who is also the former founding president of MUSIAD, who met with the representatives of ski clubs and some trainers at Erciyes Ski Center, gave information to the AA correspondent about his projects after the meeting.

Skiing, aiming to bring better points in the country, indicating that Yarar, said:

"In skiing we came to office we want to create a new milestone in Turkey. We want to open a new page for the Ski Federation. We are aware of the importance of skiing for the development of Turkey. Our goal is to develop strongly with our government. Turkey, with 2014 people as attended the 4 Sochi Winter Olympics Ski Federation. This is a question that Turkey's budget allocates a very poor result. In 2018, we want to participate in the winter Olympics in Korea with a very high number of athletes.

Turkey's major ski tourism potential found striking Benefits, "Our main goal, the development of skiing in Turkey, ensuring regional development of the ski. How do you get 44 billion euros if Austria as a tourist country, Turkey should take its deserved place in the winter sports cake. When authorized, as a federation, we will work hard for the development of ski tourism in our country, ”he said.