Ebru Gultekin Iliscari On The Case Of The Train Accident Re-Report

Ebru Gültekin Ilisu Train Wreck: BABEK who want to ride the train with his son in his car as a result of the movement of the train between the platform and the train, who lost his life in the case of Ebru Ilıcalı'nin will be re-expert report. The accused, the victim or the 3. whether there are defects of people, if there is a defect in this situation and what will be determined the defective movements.

At Feneryolu Station, while trying to get on the train with his son in a baby carriage, the academician "Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı case", who died in July last year, was squeezed between the platform and the train as the train moved.


While the defendant Abdullah Çiğdem did not attend the third hearing held at the 30th Criminal Court of First Instance of the Anatolian Court of Justice, the defendant conductor Süleyman Uğur Özkoç, who was also not arrested, the defendant Ebru Ilıcalı's wife Sabri Akın Ilıcalı, her sisters Canan Fergan, Binnaz Ferda Akgün and the party lawyers joined. Upon the participation of the TCDD lawyer, whose request to participate in the case was previously rejected, the court judge Mustafa Can Korkarer asked whether you will attend the hearing as a defendant or as an intervener and reminded that TCDD's request to participate was rejected.


The court judge Korkarer said, "Are you satisfied with the expert report" regarding the expert report submitted regarding the incident. Atilla Çeltik, the lawyer of the accused engineer Salih Ekizler without arrest, stated that they did not accept the expert report and said, “It is a report prepared from the beginning. We do not accept any other issues, except that TCDD is inherently faulty. Get a report again with a panel of experts, "he said. Sabri Akın Ilıcalı's lawyer, Abdullah Kaya, stated that the report was attributed to TCDD as a fault and said, "In this context, I demand a criminal complaint be filed against TCDD's responsible people in this matter."


Court, the file will be re-sent to a panel of experts to be sent to the formation of the defendants, victims or 3. It has decided to determine whether there are defects of the individuals and if there is a defect, what is the situation and the defective movements. The trial was postponed.


Making a statement to the DHA cameras after the hearing, Ebru Ilıcalı's wife Akın Ilıcalı stated that the expert report clearly revealed the incident and said, “A new expert report was requested. "The process is getting longer, we hope that justice will be served". The lawyer of the family, Abdullah Kaya, stated that the report submitted to the file was sufficient and said, “The report states that the main fault in the incident was TCDD's subordinate defendants and Ebru Ilıcalı was flawless. Perhaps the other party had objections and their expectations were perfection. In order to influence the course of this trial, TCDD had reports from each university expert chairman of the subject. This is a serious obstacle to the fairness of the trial. "It will be done by the court," he said.


11 July 2012 accident accident, Feneryolu Train Station with the help of security personnel before the 3 son of the Aegean train on the train, then the baby in the hands of the car with the door to close the door while trying to take the train Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı (41), platform with the train He lost his life by falling into the space between. After the incident, train mechanic Abdullah Çiğdem and conductor Süleyman Uğur Özkoç has been charged with 'imprisonment for causing death'. 2 has been charged with imprisonment of up to 6 years. On the other hand, in the expert report presented to the court, TCDD's 'Asli' defective, mechanic Abdullah Çiğdem and conductor Süleyman Uğur Özkoç said it was 'secondary' defective. In the report, Academician Ilıcalı'nın fully recorded was perfect.

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