Commuter Trains

The fastest commuter train in Zamda

The fastest commuter train in the city: The highest commuter train in the last one year has been the commuter train. The average fare of the commuter train journey increased by 27 in the period in question. Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) Consumer Prices [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbul and metro

Istanbul and metro: The world's first subway system was opened in 1863 in London if we don't count our tunnel. Today London Underground, with its length of 404 km, provides great convenience to every point of the city. Paris and New York subways, both practical [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbul rail system period begins

Istanbul rail system period begins: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Topbas,: Now the rail system period begins. There will be no district in Istanbul where the metro has not entered. İstanbul Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş, who spoke at a meeting about the rail system investments in Istanbul, [more…]

35 Izmir

Suicide In Front Of Izban Train

Killed in front of the Izban train, he committed suicide: Kaya Mencik, an 44 age man, allegedly suffering from depression in İZMİR, jumped in front of a train and committed suicide. The event, time 22.00 queues, Yenidoğan neighborhood near the İZBAN Kemer Stop occurred. Aliaga from Cumaovasi [more…]

31 Netherlands

Aalsmeer tram project can be removed

The Aalsmeer tramway project can be lifted: According to the Amsterdam regional administration, the Aalsmeer tramway line is not being used in the desired amount and it is not necessary to continue with this situation. Trams can also be removed from use if not profitable. Aalsmeer known as tram project [more…]

34 Istanbul

Maçka Taşkışla Cable Car Line

Maçka Taşkışla Teleferik Line: 11 April 1993 on the service of the Taşkaþla Teleferik Line, which is located between Taksim Taşkışla and Maçka. The length of the line is 347 meters, which are traveling by the landscape in the Maçka Taşkışla Cable Car Line lu Maçka [more…]

15 Burdur

Historic Locomotive to be cared for

Historic Locomotive will be cared for: The historic locomotive located in front of the 'Train Station' will be taken care of and maintained in a well-maintained view; On the 24 August 2013 of Burdur Newspaper UM Is the Historic Locomotive Exhibited? Was he scrapped? Atıl [more…]

08 Artvin

Primitive Ropeway in Art Art

Primitive Cable Car in Artvian Life: In Arkhavi district of Artvin, a person who tried to load tea into the primitive cable car lost his life due to electric current. According to information obtained, the village of Arılı village in the garden collected by the primitive cable car on the opposite side of the valley [more…]