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Cat Rescue Operation at Metrobus Station

Cat Rescue Operation at the Metrobus Station: The cat that was stranded in the space of the elevator at Zincirlikuyu metrobus stop was rescued by the fire department. At the Zincirlikuyu metrobus stop, citizens who ride in the elevator yesterday heard a cat. Citizens situation immediately security [more…]

34 Istanbul

CevizliVineyard Metrobus Station Completed

CevizliThe railway station Metrobus completed: by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality CevizliThe works carried out at the connective metrobus station were completed. In addition to the existing overpasses, the platform 40 meters long, 8 meter wide was built. In a written statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, the connection of metro-metrobus [more…]

34 Istanbul

Zincirlikuyuda Metro and Metrobus merged

The Metro-Metrobus connection tunnel, which will provide a significant contribution to the development of pedestrian access and access roads in Zincirlikuyu, the heart of Istanbul, was opened by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Gayrettepe Metro tunnel connecting Zincirlikuyu Metrobus station [more…]


Bookstore in Tramway in Kayseri

Tramway Station in Kayseri: The library was built by the Metropolitan Municipality. Citizens, the book he took at the stop until the station to read the book will be able to return to the library here again Mayor Ozhaseki: Our goal is to give citizens the habit of reading and [more…]

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Where is Rizenin Teleferik Project?

Where is the Rize's ropeway project? Rise II President of the People's Rise Party (HYP) Muammer Öksüz said that he did not make the tram and ropeway projects promised during the candidacy of the Mayor of Rize Halil Bakırcı, who is very important for the development of Rizef in the field of tourism. [more…]


The hotel is being built on the cable car

The hotel is built on the cable car: In the renewed cable car line, the discussions started with Bursa 2. The decision of the Administrative Court to stop the execution of the final point, the project is progressing quietly in the region. 50 in the Piremir neighborhood where the main building of the station is located [more…]