dalaman train station

Single Station

The only station without rails! 20 km from the nearest train connection in the early 19th century. Muğla Dalaman, the world's first and only train was never stopped. Served as a period outpost [more…]


Eskişehir Tramway Road

Eskişehir Tram Road Strict Vehicle Inspection: Eskişehir Provincial Police Department announced that a criminal procedure will be initiated for vehicles that use tramways except those allowed. In a statement made on the subject, the traffic in recent years [more…]

35 Izmir

Izmir Public Transportation field is not enough

İzmir does not get enough records in the field of Public Transportation: The fact that the transfer system is free and the number of passengers in the rail system increases day by day has brought a new record in the public transportation of İzmir with the opening of schools. ESHOT, İZULAŞ, Subway, [more…]


RayHaber 19.09.2013 Tender Bulletin

Derince Port Management Directorate of Construction Machinery of various sizes of Air Type Inner and Outer Tire Microprocessor Controlled Control and Fault Detection Record Display System (TÜLOMSAŞ) Rail System Traffic [more…]


High Speed ​​Train and Çatak Dam

High Speed ​​Train and Çatak Dam: Passing the High Speed ​​Line through Düziç and making the Çatak Dam are very good developments on behalf of the district. May Allah be pleased with all those who have contributed. He learned the profession of Düziçi with Berke Dam. [more…]