06 Ankara

Spring Water from Ankara Station

Spring Water from Ankaray College Station: Spring water came out of Ankaray College Station, which was brought up with the title “Ankaray is crying” due to the “water leakage önce experienced before. Drain operation of 4 pump [more…]


Syrian claims in Gaziantep Tramway construction

Syrian claim in Gaziantep Tram construction: CHP's Hurşit Yıldırım brought up the Syrians working in the construction of the 3rd stage of the light rail system at the metropolitan council meeting. Hurşit Yıldırım said, “While the unemployment rate is 14 percent in Gaziantep, the tramway [more…]


For Tekkeköy logistics center

Perfect for Tekkeköy logistics center: Canik Mayor Osman Genç stated that the industrial zone Tekkeköy, which takes the airport and the port under its wings, is the perfect fit for the logistics center. [more…]


New Vatmans Started Training in Gaziantep

New Trainers Started Training in Gaziantep: Theoretical and practical training of the trainees who will serve in the third stage of the rail system has started. Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Settar Çanlıoğlu, Deputy Head of Transportation and Rail System Department [more…]