Durmazlar Alstom to start joint production

Durmazlar Alstom will start joint production with:Durmazlar Duray Transportation Systems affiliated to the Holding will increase its production capacity by 100 percent.

Signed a preliminary agreement with Alstom Transport to establish joint venture in the production of bogie chassis Durmazlar Duray Transportation Systems affiliated to the Holding will increase its production capacity by 100 percent. The investment, which will cost about 12 million euros, will start production at the end of the year.

producing Turkey's first indigenous tram Durmazlar The machine, which produce bogies with Duray established within meets both their needs, as well as providing added value in this area by exporting to Turkey. Durmazlar R & D center in developed high-tech attracted the attention of foreign manufacturers in the industry with bogies production Duray, in Turkey railways manages a project on the 250 million euro French Alstom Transport with a JV (joint venture) is preparing to build. The capacity of Duray, which is 500 bogies / year with a joint venture, which is preliminary and planned to start production by the end of this year, will increase to 1.000 bogies / year in the first place. Alstom, which manufactures its bogie frames in Le Creusot (France) and Salzgitter (Germany) facilities, will increase its capacity and benefit from Duray's high quality and expertise. The joint venture, which is preliminary, is expected to start production by the end of the year.

Exporting bogie to Europe's high-speed train

Duray the last year, producing Turkey's first indigenous tram Silkworm Durmazlar Reminding that the machine was installed in-house Durmazlar General Manager Ahmet Civan said:

“We established Duray both to manufacture our own bogies and to manufacture Alstom's high-speed train bogies. The design of the bogies of tram and light metro vehicles is entirely ours. We produce them. We have a capacity of 500 bogies / year. But we started to make high-speed train bogies with a technology transfer with Alstom. Currently, more than 40 bogies have been exported. ”

Civan stated that they will develop their works with Alstom within the framework of a joint venture, and that the negotiations continue and that the joint venture company will be established and production will start until the end of this year. Ahmet Civan said that with the investment they will make with Alstom, their capacity will reach 1.000 bogies / year in the first place and 1.500 bogies / year in the following years. Civan gave the following information:

“Our negotiations continue intensely. It can be finished at any time. We have completed all our actions. Then the company will be set up. The new company will start operating on an area of ​​6 thousand square meters. Our main customer will be Alstom. He will also use his projects and in the production of high speed train, high speed train and subway wagons that he cooperates internationally. The contribution of this joint venture to us will be advanced technology transfer. It also produces bogies in Turkey will be established very high quality factory. Today, there are companies producing bogies, but their capacities are very low and very old technology bogies are being produced. We are now talking about the technology in a train bog that goes 350 kilometers and we can produce it. ”

Trying to localize production

In the bogie production of high-featured high-alloy also is continuing negotiations with several companies for the supply of steel are from Turkey transfer Ahmet mercury, some components they import by supplying from Turkey totally understood they plan to switch to domestic production. DurmazlarExpressing that they have made an investment of 4 million euros as Duray since they have used some of the facilities, Civan announced that the investment with Alstom will be around 12 million euros.

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