RayHaber 26.09.2013 Tender Bulletin

Support Service will be provided for Road Renovation Works Car Rental work for road maintenance works Between Railways and Tepeköy Stations Rail Works on Station Roads and Shears Complete Renovation of Zonguldak Station Building [more…]

1 America

Train Crash in USA: 4 Injured

Train Accident in USA: 4 Injured: Four people were injured in a train accident in Texas, USA. In a statement issued by the Public Safety Authority, the accident that caused the 30 wagon derail Amarillo in the morning [more…]


Tramway scar

Samsunda tram frightened the fire: SAMSUN engineer Ayhan D. light rail system in front of the wheels of the pads of the lock occurred as a result of friction fire. Passengers after evacuation by fire brigade [more…]