The journey time will be reduced to 3,5 hours ...

4 of the world made to Izmit Bay. 6 thousand 400 square meter filling area was built to the sea for the big bridge. When the bridge ends, the ferry will take an hour to 6.
Work is progressing rapidly on the Gulf Bridge, which will be built within the scope of the Gebze - Izmir Highway Project, which will reduce the distance between Istanbul and Izmir to 3.5 hours. The bridge built between the Dilovasi Dil Cape of Izmit Bay in the east of the Marmara Sea and the Hersek Cape of Karamürsel will be the 4th longest suspension bridge in the world. When the project is finished, the distance, which currently takes about 60 minutes by ferry, and the distance traveled in 1 hour and 20 minutes by traveling the bay will be passed in 6 minutes. The duration of the Istanbul-Izmir journey, which currently takes 8 hours, will be reduced to 3.5 hours. The bridge, which is planned to be completed in 2015, will cost 6.2 billion dollars.
Two Pillars Will Be At Sea
VATAN, 30 In March, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan laid the foundation for the construction of the Bay Bridge has observed the work in person. Ismail Kartal, the Regional Manager of Public-Private Partnership, who carried out the construction, gave information about the works:
Ova In the Altınova section of the bridge, a filling area of ​​6 thousand 400 square meters was built in the sea for the feet to be constructed. Two pillars of the bridge will be in the sea. For the feet of the bridge with a total length of 2 bin 682 and a tower to the tower with a length of one thousand 550 meters, we built a filling area with the filling of the sea in Altındaova. We built a dry pool in this area. In this dry pool, a total of 42 feet of 2 feet are rising. There will be empty rooms inside the feet. The sets around the 38 thousand-toner feet will be removed in September and the feet will be floated and placed in two separate locations where the foundations are laid in the middle of the bay. The rooms inside the feet will be filled with water and will be ensured to sink easily. Ayak
Concrete to a District
Kartal stated that 900 works in Dilovası and Altınova sections of the bridge construction. The amount of concrete to be used is also huge. It's a huge amount. 198 with a population of up to 1000 inhabitants in Altınova. In other words, a district is constructed with this amount of concrete. It will also be extremely robust in terms of earthquake. The bridge is projected to be an earthquake-resistant 25 bin 2 yearly. Köprü
Height of 235 meters
Here are the dimensions of the Bay Bridge ...
- Total length: 2682 meters
- Width: 35.93 meters
- Tower height: 235.43 meters
The longest bridge in Japan
When the Bay Bridge is completed, it will rank fourth in the world in length from tower to tower.
- Japan Akashi Kaikyo Bridge: 1991 meters
- China Xihoumen Bridge Bridge: 1650 meters
Denmark Great Belt Bridge: 1624 meters
- Bay Bridge (When Completed): 1550 meters


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