Ödemiş's Mulberry Level Crossing Spreads Danger

The Dutlu Level Crossing in Ödemiş is a Danger: The pits formed in the level crossing at Dutlu Kuyu area, 107th kilometer of the İzmir-Ödemiş railway, and the slippery ground pose a danger.

Last day, a truck loaded with lure was removed with the help of a crane on the railway track, "This level crossing, due to the breeding activities carried out by TCDD during the year has been raised because of the difficulties of passing vehicles," he said.

Mustafa Cancenkol stated that feed trucks coming to the poultry farm near the level crossing, vehicles carrying agricultural workers and other vehicles could not use this passage,, These level crossings should be corrected soon. The bumpers and undercarriages of our vehicles are damaged, the trucks coming to the side, our vehicles passing through are experiencing distressed and fearful moments. Our vehicle is staying at the bend in the rails because of the train can not see us because of the great accidents and events do not want to experience this issue not only in this position, but also in a number of positions in the future. We want to be poured and compacted to the edge of this level crossing and passages as soon as possible. Bir


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