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doha metro will raise the world cup
doha metro will raise the world cup

Although Qatar, with a population of just over 1 million and being the second smallest country in the Middle East, never considered itself worthy of small and short-term goals, on the contrary, it planned to come with a long-term growth target and always with ambitious targets.

One of the most important factors in this is undoubtedly the transformation of the world's third largest giant gas reserves in the North Sea seas after Iran and Russia and triggering these unconditionally.

Towards the end of 2011, Doha achieved two main goals: On the one hand, to stand out as the world's leading liquid natural gas (LNG) leader, on the other hand, to win the race to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup…

Qatar is the first Middle East country to host such an important sporting event. A dozen infrastructure projects have been planned and developed in the country to support this important event.

Hill International, an American-based company, was commissioned by the Qatar Railway Company (Qrail) in August 2012 to be part of this mega process.

Hill's work includes Project Management services on behalf of the employer during the construction of the birisi Green Line ”, one of the four lines of the new Yönetim Doha Metro Crossing döneminde project. The approximate value of this four-year contract is around 59 Million Dollars.

The first phase of the project starts from Mushaireb station and goes north through Al-Diwan and then Al-Rayyan, Al Rayyan (Sports), Al-Rayyan (Al Messila), Al-Rayyan (AlQadeem, Education City South West (Education). City South East, Qatar Convention Center, Education City Station, and a level of 19 up to the rear of a level crossing.

Simply put, the Green Line connects the city center of Doha to the kilomet Qatar Convention Center yer and the X City of Education bir and includes an 27 kilometer subway tunnel, 6 underground station, 6 kilometer elevated route and two routed stations.

. We are obliged to provide project management services, ”says Hill International Vice President Samer Tamimi.

Tunnel Model

The Doha project was planned to be carried out with TBM tunnel drilling (Tunnel Boring Machine) instead of ac-shut-and-cover tunneling methods.

Cak Tunnels will be opened with tunnel drilling machine (TBM) which is used to make circular excavation which cuts various layers of soil together.

The fact that CPCs reduce relative tension on neighboring grounds is an advantage in the Doha project, because Doha has an urban center with intense construction. In addition, CPC operations are one of the least impacting methods of traffic, and also damage to the environment, including noise, noise, etc., is the lowest level, including image pollution, i says Tamimi.

However, it takes at least one year to make a CPC machine operational.

Arı For long tunnels with a tight construction program like the Doha Metro, the TBM method gives time savings and thus high efficiency, arı Tamimi says. De The CPC method is time-saving and therefore highly efficient, ros he says. In addition, the site is also completed and the project management services are already completed and the risks related to the project may occur in ıc time mas and hizmet logistics eak.

Doha Metro is the largest infrastructure project built in this region, and 4 separate lines (Green, Red, Blue and Gold) are planned to be completed within the same time frame. The completion times requested in such a comprehensive project are too exciting for us, he says.

Project in global perspective

Qatar has taken European and international standards as a benchmark in the rail system by comparing Qatar Metro Project with similar projects in the West.

“Project features, constraints and opportunities are more or less the same. However, Gulf Cooperation Council projects often have a more ambitious program, which makes the job more complicated, ”he explains.

Apart from Qatar, the Gulf Cooperation Council targets the transportation of industrial and consumer goods and passenger transportation as well as the support of oil and gas projects in the Gulf Cooperation Council. As Tamimi explains; all Gulf Cooperation Council Countries have planned rail system projects involving passenger and cargo systems. In addition, they have developed plans for a rail link to connect all member states. The second phase of the Etihad Railway in Abu Dhabi, which is part of the Gulf Cooperation Council Railway System, has been launched here.

Süb As in the case of other public transport systems, the metro and rail system projects in the Middle East have to be realized through state subsidies as it does not seem likely to be profitable, toplu he adds.

However, metro transportation projects are only necessary investments, considering other factors; minimization of traffic congestion, reduction of noise and air pollution and new roads, and minimization of the need to expand and upgrade existing roads.

“Another important benefit is increasing tourism. After realizing the importance of increasing the revenues from tourism and having a strong transportation system for health tourism, Dubai implemented the first metro project in the Middle East. "For Qatar, the Doha metro is of great importance in transporting the masses that will come to the country as part of the 2022 World Cup."

The Changing Role of Hill in the Middle East

Doha Green Line metro project, the Middle East 20 for more than a year working in the region Hill International, especially in the public transport and infrastructure sectors began to take a new era in the period began.

To give a few examples, Hill signed contracts last year for the construction management of two airports in Oman, the Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal and the expansion of Bahrain International Airport.

According to Tamimi; The slowdown in the real estate and construction sector in the gulf countries creates new market needs. Hill has completed the necessary investments to respond to this change. The global financial crisis has brought a careful approach to new investments, especially in the United Arab Emirates, and led to a noticeable slowdown in the tendering of new construction projects. Current market research suggests that supply exceeds demand and

It points out that it will be limited to Shopping Centers and Hotels. “Recently, Hill has focused on airport, rail systems and other infrastructure projects. In addition to this, we focused on the construction and operation period management of various hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities and educational institutions, as well as the health and education projects in the region.

Hill International, while managing all these new infrastructure projects, continues to work to create new possibilities.

Tir Hill has a customer-oriented structure. A significant portion of our current business is demanded by our existing employer portfolio. This result is a proof in terms of customer satisfaction, Bu he says, pointing out that local experience should not be underestimated.

The experience of local players, stakeholders and rules and regulations is a factor that increases efficiency in all infrastructure projects. New projects will achieve successful results if fed by experience.

According to Tamimi, construction unit prices are controlled by external factors, especially oil prices. Moreover, the political instability around the gulf countries also affects the perception of the investor. These reasons negatively affect the construction sector. Recently, rising construction unit prices pose a major threat to the sector.

In the project and construction management perspective, the main threat is the time requested by the Employer for the completion of these facilities in relation to the size of the construction projects in the region.

However, infrastructure growth is still demanded due to a rapidly growing population density in the gulf.

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