Railway move in Denizli

Railway move in Denizli: Plan swapping took place for the Freight and Maneuver Area, which the industrialists of Denizli had been waiting for a long time and the State Railways completed the feasibility study. Municipal council members declared the park and green area area İslah Organized area.

In Denizli, both the Organized Industrial Zone and the correction of the industrial organizations that continue their activities in the Organized areas are looking forward to the decision. Denizli Municipality Council has also done its part for the freight line that will provide the direct connection of industrial establishments with İzmir port.

A region was chosen in the Akçeşme neighborhood for the State Railways Cargo and Maneuvering Area, where the industrialist would provide transportation at a cheaper rate. FDI Regional Directorate of the feasibility study 13 thousand 752 square meter for the area of ​​the city council has decided to swap plan.
Previously separated from the park and the green area, the area was declared a Regeneration Organized area. In the plan exchange, two different parcels of the same size were provided. In this way, Denizli has reached both green area and railway cargo and maneuver area.

The expropriation of the area, some of which was owned by treasury and part of which belonged to Denizli Municipality, took place in two months. Governor Abdulkadir Demir and Denizli Chamber of Industry President Müjdat Keçeci made important contributions to the cargo and maneuvering area.

The existing loading area in Sarayköy will not lose its function after the construction of the new loading area. However, the new loading area will be of particular importance to cable manufacturers, marble factories, textile factories and greenhouse areas operating in the city center and the Organized Industrial Zone.

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