Job Announcement: TCDD Permanent Workers (TCDD Bilecik Operation Management)

Job Post: TCDD Permanent Workers Will Receive (TCDD Bilecik Operation Management): TCDD OPERATION DIRECTORATE
Application deadline: 31 July 2013

General Terms and Notes

Candidates who meet the requirements of the request conditions, within the 10 days from the date of publication of the announcement; they can apply to any İŞKUR provincial / branch office in person or they can apply via internet ( * Candidates can apply to the 1 request of the workplace. * In case of applications made to the continuous requests of public institutions, the addresses of persons registered in the address-based population registration system shall be taken into consideration. * 2012 KPSSP93 score is available on 60 and applicants can apply. * Central exam candidates who will not be applied as a priority application together with the explanatory memorandum relating to the actual situation Turkey Business Council will apply to provincial or branch management.The Authority and the requesting public Institution and Organization reserve the right to take legal action regarding the invalidity of the application and the cancellation of the recruitment of those who give false documents or declarations. * Ranking: Three times (3) of the number of vacant jobs from the applicants within the scope of KPSS, Three times the number of vacancies, and all of the priority applicants within the scope of the mining law will be sent to the public institution that gave the request, taking into account the document dates that ensure the priority right. GENERAL CONDITIONS OF THE PUBLIC INSTITUTION: It will be beneficial for the candidates who will apply for the Mechanical Vehicle Installation, Device and Crane Operator art branch to read the job descriptions on the TCDD website and see the workplace before they apply so that they do not become victims. 1- Mechanical Vehicle Installation, Device and Crane Operators will be recruited to our Corporation as workers and retired as workers. 2- Candidates will be able to apply to only one workplace among our demands whose application dates are overlapped by İŞKUR. 3- Turkey Labor and the candidate as specified deadline will be announced at our request Employment Agency is required to graduate from school. 4- Candidates who will be included in the list announced by İŞKUR, a copy or photocopy of the identity card to be published on the TCDD website and sent to their addresses between the dates specified in the notification to participate in the oral exam, criminal record from the Public Prosecutor (court decision with a criminal record), education certificate, Unapproved photocopies of military service certificate (discharge, postponement or exemption) documents and 1 illustrated Job Request Information Form (to be published on the website) will be submitted to the address of TCDD General Directorate Human Resources Department Talatpaşa Bulvarı No: 3 GarlANKARA. Candidates who do not submit their documents will not be taken to the oral exam. 5-Oral exam dates Notifications will be sent to the addresses of the candidates who will be announced on our website and take place in the list announced by İşKUR. 6-Mechanical Vehicles, Equipment, Devices and Virıç Operators to be assigned in our Corporation will work subject to the Labor Law No. 4857. 7- The trial period of the Mechanical Vehicles Plant, Equipment and Crane Operators who started to work is 4 months, and the employment contract of those who fail within the trial period will be terminated. 8-From the Mechanical Vehicles Facility Device and Crane Operators who are successful as a result of the oral exam, in detail from the full-fledged state hospitals or official university hospitals, Visual Degrees (right-left eye specified separately), Color Examination (Ishihora test performed), Hearing Odiometry result The health committee report will be requested, stating how many meters he heard the average sound whisper. These reports Our Administration Health Directorate of the Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways will be evaluated in accordance with Health and Psycho Directive. Candidates whose health conditions are suitable will be subjected to Psychotechnical examination. Candidates whose health and psychotechnical examinations are not suitable will not be appointed. 9-Candidates who are appointed will work for at least 5 years in the workplace they are assigned to, and will not be able to request a transfer within this period. 24- Candidates appointed will be able to work day and night on a 1-hour basis in shifts. 7 ı - When the candidates who are appointed and started to work, in 4857 years, according to the II clause of the 25th article of the Labor Law numbered 1 or on their own request, they will be given the training, course and internship programs given by the employer about the wages they receive during their education, course and internship programs will pay compensation to our Corporation in the amount of 2/XNUMX of the cost of the time to be calculated according to the current conditions.

Profession Information
Profession Experience (Year) Learning Type
Mechanical Equipment Plant Device Crane Operator School

Learning Information
General Unit Name General Department Name Learning Level
Vocational School Short Cycle
Vocational High School Associate Degree Electrical-Electronics Associate Degree
Vocational High School Short Cycle Industrial Electronics Associate Degree
Vocational High School Associate Degree Electrical-Electronics Technician Associate Degree
Vocational High School Associate Degree in Electronic Technology
Vocational High School Associate Degree in Automotive Design and Manufacturing
Vocational High School Associate Degree Automotive After Sales Service Associate Degree
Vocational High School Short Cycle Engine Associate Degree
Vocational High School Short Cycle Automotive Associate Degree

Exam Information
Exam Category Exam Name Exam Score Type Minimum Score Limit Exam Entrance Date
Public Personnel Exams KPSS KPSSP93 60

Work Address Information



Other informations
Employer Type
Total Number of Open Business 1
Type of Contract: Indefinite Period (Permanent)
Mode of Study Trial Period

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