Railway Retire Found Dead On The Edge Of The Rails

Railway Retired Was Found Dead On The Side Of The Rails: The body of Necat Bircan, 82, retired from TCDD in ERZİNCAN, was found by the railroad. While it was emphasized that the Dogu Express, who was making the Ankara-Kars expedition, was hit by Bircan, who had injuries to his arm and face and was collecting bottles with his bicycle, it was claimed that his ear was heavy.

A body was found on the side of the train road passing by the Erzincan University Faculty of Law road on 1125 street in Taksim District. TCDD Road Control officer Selahattin Çınar reported the situation to the police. 112 Emergency teams and police came to the area. As a result of the examination and research, it was determined that the body belonged to Necat Bircan, who is married and has two children, retired from TCDD. In the investigation conducted by Crime Scene Investigation teams after the security strip was pulled, a scar was found on Necati Bircan's arm and temple. After the investigation made by the prosecutor on duty, Bircan's body was taken to Erzincan Mengücek Gazi Training and Research Hospital for autopsy.

It is emphasized that Necat Bircan, who learned that he had collected the bottles thrown into the field with his bicycle, died as a result of the crash of the Eastern Express from Ankara to Kars, and the investigation launched into the incident continues.

Source: HaberFX

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