First tests of hydrogen fuel cell train started in Germany

The first tests of the hydrogen fuel cell train started in Germany: The hydrogen fuel cell train developed by the French company Alstom made its first test. After further testing, Germany is planned to serve on the Buztehude-Bremervörde-Bremerhaven-Cuxhaven line.

The train, considered to be one of the public transportation vehicles of the future, is defined as nature friendly with zero emissions by taking its energy from hydrogen.

In order to generate electricity in the train, a system that converts hydrogen and oxygen into energy is used. With the energy obtained, the train can reach 140 km speed per hour.

French Alstom, an alternative to diesel and electric trains announced that developed a new model. This train called Coradia iLint works with hydrogen.

The 300 can carry passengers and the maximum speed that the train can reach is 140 km per hour. Coradia iLint is also able to drive 600 to 800 mileage.

It leaves only water vapor in the air and does not need electricity lines along the way.

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