Süleyman Karaman, General Manager of TCDD, is in Eskişehir

Konya-Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train (YHT) and the Republic of Turkey to examine the line from Eskisehir State Railways TCDD General Director Süleyman Karaman, the Governor Dr. He visited Kadir Koçdemir in his office.

Süleyman Karaman, who came to Eskişehir with a delegation to examine the Konya-Eskişehir YHT line on site, visited the Governor Koçdemir in his office. Speaking during the visit, Karaman said that Eskişehir is the center of the railways. Stating that they will issue corporate cards for citizens who will use Eskişehir-Konya YHT regularly, Karaman said, “Eskişehir is a city that uses the railway extensively. Therefore, it is positive for us to develop train lines in this region. Our next goal is to open the Istanbul line. When we connect Eskişehir to Istanbul, the main line will turn into Istanbul, Eskişehir, Ankara and Konya. Later, new lines such as Bursa, İzmir and Sivas will be formed. 15 major provinces of Turkey will be linked together. Turkey has a population of up to half of the yht can be used at any moment, "he said.

Expressing his satisfaction with the visit, Governor Koçdemir stated that the opening of Eskişehir Konya YHT line made a great contribution to Eskişehir. Emphasizing that Eskişehir is close to everywhere and everyone thanks to the transportation facilities, Koçdemir continued his words as follows;

“The YHT lines built made a great contribution to the promotion of Eskişehir. Because when he said high speed train, his second word was Eskişehir. Second, the ease of transportation has changed the preference of many people. Some students, whose families are in Eskişehir, who study in Ankara or who are from Ankara and study at Eskişehir universities, go by high-speed train instead of renting a house. Especially, there was a huge increase in day trips. This continues with an ever-growing momentum. We think that the opening of the Istanbul side will greatly increase this. It will be of great benefit, as both newcomers from Istanbul and those who go to Istanbul spend a few hours here. "

Karaman and the accompanying delegation went to Konya to make examinations with YHT at 14:30 after visiting the historical houses of Odunpazarı.

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