TCDD privatizes state monopoly on railways

TCDD privatizes state monopoly on railways
Exporters' Association of Turkey, Central Anatolia Exporters Union in order to reach the targets in 2023 500 billion (OAIB) came together under the coordination.
Outside the competition to increase their power and transportation demand of exporters who want to bring more cheaply OAIB by the General Secretariat of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) was transmitted to the authorities. Ertekin Arslan, Deputy Head of TCDD Department of Freight, stated that with the new law, railways will be privatized and state monopoly will be lifted.
OAIB's headquarters in Balgat in Ankara met the representatives and exporters of TCDD under the chairmanship of Turgay Unlu, Chairman of the Grains and Oil Seeds Exporters Union. demand through all collected from exporters in Turkey's Exporters' Association, Turkish State Railways Freight Department Vice President communicated to officials at Ertekin Arslan chaired, was asked to help with the solution. The Deputy Prime Minister Ertekin Arslan stated that TCDD is on the verge of changing the shell with the new legal arrangement and stated that they are ready to make positive discrimination to exporters.
Arslan, in order to carry the export of cheaper products, especially in the carriage of the shipment of the exporters in the priority that they behave indicating that Arslan, railways reported that the threshold of significant vision change.
Ertekin Arslan pointed out that Iltisak lines (railway that connects a production center to the main line) have been installed in the places where private enterprises are located, especially in the places where public production is carried out. Arslan said, leri While the old lines of business did not work almost, we encouraged the new ones to be more efficient. 40 meters, 100 kilometers, going to the service of our exporters, we have started to offer the connection lines.
Ertekin Arslan stated that the railways will be privatized and state monopoly will be lifted with the law that will be released within a few months. In TCDD will be restructured after this law. Infrastructure and Business will be separated. TCDD Transportation Corporation will be established. TCDD will only deal with the structure. All 3 people will be able to make transportation by paying the price from the existing infrastructure Mevcut.
Turgay Ünlü also expressed that he was very pleased that TCDD had the desire to be closer to exporters and stated that the railroads in exports were so important.

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